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Meta Enhances CrowdTangle Amid EU Concerns Over Misinformation

Despite plans to close CrowdTangle in August, Meta is continuing to boost the service with new safety features.


Meta Platforms has introduced new safety features to its analytics tool, CrowdTangle, addressing concerns from the European Union. According to Reuters, this move comes as the EU expresses apprehension over Meta's plan to discontinue the tool in August 2024. The enhancements aim to ensure the tool's reliability and effectiveness, particularly during the upcoming EU elections.

The Role of CrowdTangle

CrowdTangle is a widely-used resource among journalists, researchers, and fact-checkers for monitoring social media trends and tracking the spread of misinformation. The tool has been pivotal in the fight against , providing critical insights into how information disseminates across social platforms. The new safety features are designed to bolster its ability to deliver accurate and timely information, thereby supporting the integrity of the electoral process.

The decision by Meta to phase out CrowdTangle has raised alarms among EU officials. They fear that losing this tool could undermine efforts to combat misinformation and maintain transparency in the digital information ecosystem. By introducing these new safety features, Meta aims to mitigate these concerns and demonstrate its commitment to supporting democratic processes.

Enhancements and Their Implications

While Meta has not detailed the specific nature of the new safety features, the company has emphasized their importance in enhancing the tool's functionality during a critical period. This development is part of Meta's broader strategy to address regulatory scrutiny and maintain its role as a key player in the digital information landscape.

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