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New Sticky Notes Experience Now on OneNote Mobile Apps

Microsoft's integration of Sticky Notes into OneNote on Microsoft 365 is now available, several months after its first introduction.


has unveiled an updated Sticky Notes experience, now available on OneNote for Android and iOS. This enhancement ensures users can access their notes across multiple platforms seamlessly.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Cross-Device Syncing

Users can quickly launch the new Sticky Notes feature using the keyboard shortcut Win + Alt + S. This addition aims to streamline the note-taking process, making it more efficient for users who frequently switch between devices. To sync notes across different devices, users must sign in to their account, ensuring that all their notes are readily available wherever they go.

The updated can be particularly useful in several scenarios. For instance, users can take screenshots during Teams meetings and jot down important points. Additionally, the feature is beneficial for saving key takeaways from educational videos or planning trips by capturing notes and screenshots of potential destinations. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for both personal and professional use.

Automatic Integration of Existing Notes

For those already using Sticky Notes, existing notes will automatically appear in the new experience once they sign in. This seamless transition ensures that users do not lose any of their previously saved information, providing a smooth upgrade to the enhanced version.

The new Sticky Notes experience is available to Current Channel users running Version 1903 (SDK 18362) or later. This update is part of Microsoft's ongoing efforts to enhance productivity tools within its ecosystem, offering users a more integrated and efficient experience.

By expanding the availability of Sticky Notes to OneNote mobile apps and introducing new features like keyboard shortcuts and cross-device syncing, Microsoft continues to improve its suite of productivity tools. This update not only enhances user convenience but also ensures that important information is always within reach, regardless of the device being used.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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