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Copilot AI Now Available in Microsoft Launcher Beta

Copilot is expanding from its standalone app on Android, landing in the Microsoft Launcher app.


has introduced an update to its Microsoft Launcher app for , incorporating the AI and phasing out the previous feature. This update is accessible to users enrolled in the beta program via the Play Store.

Transition from Bing Chat to Copilot

In August 2023, Microsoft initially added Bing Chat to the Microsoft Launcher app, enabling users to interact with the chatbot through text and voice commands. By November 2023, the company rebranded Bing Chat as Copilot to align with its broader AI strategy. Despite this rebranding, the Bing icon remained in the search feature of the Launcher app until the latest update.

New Beta Version Details

The latest beta version, v6.240402.2.1139391, fully integrates Copilot, replacing the Bing Chat icon. This update, reported by Windows Central, embeds Copilot directly into the launcher, enhancing its accessibility and functionality for users.

The update, released on May 27th, 2023, integrates Copilot directly into the feed, accessible by swiping right. The new feed feature includes Glance, News, and Copilot, allowing users to generate images and text directly from their mobile feed using simple words. The user interface for Copilot in the Launcher app mirrors that of the web version and standalone app, supporting queries via audio, typing, or photo upload. Users can also hide Copilot from the feed or reorder its position.

Future Availability and Features

Currently, the Copilot features are exclusive to beta testers, with no specified timeline for general availability. Since December 2023, Android users have had access to Copilot through Microsoft's standalone app, which includes advanced features like Vacation Planner, Cooking Assistant, Fitness Trainer, and Notebook. However, these Pro features are not yet available in the Microsoft Launcher app.

The integration of Copilot into the Microsoft Launcher beta marks a notable advancement in enhancing user experience with AI capabilities. This move underscores Microsoft's ongoing commitment to embedding AI across its product ecosystem, aiming to provide a more intuitive and efficient user experience.

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Luke Jones
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