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OpenAI to Power Apple’s AI Features in iOS 18, Google Still in Contention

With WWDC 24 coming, Apple is planning to announce its AI ambitions, led by OpenAI but with Google and Microsoft also potentially on board.


will reportedly integrate technology into the upcoming iOS 18, enhancing the AI capabilities of its software. This decision, reported by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, will be a key highlight at the WWDC 2024 event.

Apple's AI Strategy for iOS 18

The integration of OpenAI's technology is expected to provide Apple with a competitive edge over rivals like Samsung, which currently uses Google's Gemini AI for its Galaxy S24 series. This lines with an earlier report this month stating that Apple will integrate OpenAI's ChatGPT into its mobile OS. Apple is also negotiating with to potentially offer Gemini as an alternative AI solution, according to the Bloomberg report.

Among the anticipated features for iOS 18 are AI-driven functionalities such as memo transcription, photo retouching, faster search capabilities, and significant upgrades to Siri. Additionally, Apple plans to introduce a “smart recap” feature that will summarize missed texts, notifications, and other media, enhancing user experience.

Expanding AI Across Apple Ecosystem

Apple's AI ambitions extend beyond iOS 18. The company plans to bring similar AI enhancements to macOS and iPadOS. These will include software to determine whether tasks should be executed on the device or via the cloud, balancing performance and privacy.

The use of on-device AI offers advantages such as improved privacy, offline functionality, and reduced response times. However, these models may lack the extensive capabilities of cloud-based large language models (LLMs) like those powering commercial . Apple aims to mitigate privacy concerns by emphasizing that it will not build user profiles, unlike Google or Meta.

Additional AI-Powered Features

The Voice Memo app is set to receive AI-generated transcripts, beneficial for students and professionals alike. Enhancements to Spotlight search and Safari internet searches are also expected, along with writing suggestions for emails and texts. AI-driven photo retouching and emoji generation based on text are other potential features, though these have posed challenges for other companies in the past.

Siri is likely to see improvements, including a more natural-sounding voice and better functionality on the Apple Watch. These enhancements will leverage Apple's own large language models. Users can also expect new customization options, such as changing app icon colors and rearranging home screen icons more freely.

Most new on-device AI features will be available on devices released in the past year. More complex tasks will be offloaded to Apple's M2 Ultra-based servers, ensuring robust performance without compromising user privacy.

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