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SaneBox Review: How to Use AI to Automate Your Email Management

SaneBox uses AI to sort through your email folders and organize them into relevant subfolders, set reminders, sleep emails, and more.


Most people are aware of the constant battle of keeping a clean inbox. Spam newsletters, promotions, and advertising emails just build up over time. Organizing your inbox to separate junk from emails you need is time consuming and frustrating. Instead, you can use a service like SaneBox to do all the sorting for you.

According to SaneBox, it can organize your inbox efficiently and save users on average two hours each week. Like most people, you probably don’t enjoy email management, so the SaneBox promise sounds appealing. But does the potential stack up when putting SaneBox to use? Well, in the following review we will find out by covering what SaneBox is, what it can do, and how to use it.

What Is SaneBox?

SaneBox is an email management software that leverages artificial intelligence to automatically sort through your inbox. You set up your preferences and the AI then organizes emails by separating important messages and junk messages into their relevant folder. So, that important business memo or the invite to your sister’s wedding will be kept in the inbox, while that nasty promo or aggressive marketing email gets dumped.

And when I say dumped, I mean it goes into the aptly named SaneBlackHole. This is a place where you will never see unwanted emails again. The good news is that you can backtrack on choices if an email ends up where you don’t want it. You can also manually drag and drop emails into the folders you want. If you take the manual route, SaneBox remembers your choice, learns from it, and then puts future emails from the sender into the folder you chose.

What Email Clients Does SaneBox Work On?

Whether you are organizing Gmail or organizing Outlook, you can use SaneBox. The software works on major email platforms including Microsoft 365, iCloud, Yahoo Mail, AOL, and any email client that supports IMAP.

Exploring the SaneBox Features

SaneBox extends beyond simple email management with a suite of AI-driven tools:

  • SaneLater: Manage unimportant emails by automatically transferring them to a designated folder.
  • SaneBlackHole: Implement a permanent solution for unwelcome email senders by utilizing SaneBlackHole to eliminate future messages from these sources.
  • SaneReminders: Automate follow-up prompts for unanswered emails after a predetermined period (e.g., 5 days).
  • Snooze Folders: Temporarily remove emails from your inbox and reschedule their delivery for a more suitable time.
  • DoNotDisturb: Set during vacations, designated work periods, or any timeframe requiring uninterrupted attention.
  • Email Deep Clean: A function designed to eliminate unnecessary emails in bulk and reclaim valuable storage space.
  • SaneAttachments: Guarantee the secure storage of email attachments by integrating SaneAttachments with your preferred cloud storage services.
  • SaneDigest: Receive a comprehensive daily summary of your emails via SaneDigest.

Sanebox move emails official

How to Use SaneBox for Email Management

For the email filtering, we will look at how SaneBox works to clean up Gmail. Below is how the inbox management works:

  1. Visit SaneBox

You can try SaneBox for free for 14 days with premium features. If you want to jump straight into purchasing the software, click the Pricing button on the top of the homepage to see available plans.

  1. Create an account

If you are trying for free, the trial only works with Gmail and Yahoo. You can access email management for iCloud, Outlook, and other clients by purchasing SaneBox. Enter your email address and click “create account.” Alternatively, simply click the relevant email client and sign in directly.

  1. Pick the folder you want to send emails to

Once connected, SaneBox provides a quick – skippable – tutorial. When the main software opens, you select the folders you want your emails to go to. The options are Inbox, @SaneBlackhole, @SaneReceipts, @SaneNews, and @SaneLater. We will have only Inbox and @SaneNews active, but you can turn on any folder.

  1. Choose what you want to do in the folders

With your folders selected, you can choose what action to take. For example, you can turn on the BlackHole to automate trashing emails, add emails to receipts, or turn on emails to see later. In our example with @SaneNews, you can choose to keep or remove newsletters and other informational emails.

  1. Confirm your setup

While you can change your folders at any time, the software saves your configuration until you manually change it. Click “Looks Good” to save your setup.

  1. Set email reply reminders

Next, SaneBox asks if you want to use the @SaneNoReplies feature, which reminds you of emails you have sent that have received no reply.

  1. Choose whether to snooze emails

Now you can select whether you want to snooze emails. These folders will automatically reappear in your Inbox when you need them. You can choose to sleep emails for a day, week, or month.

  1. Create a To-Do list for your emails

In the last setup slide, SaneBox allows you to setup a task management service that provides reminders on when you need to work on tasks from specific emails.

  1. Complete the SaneBox setup

Your preferences are now set and SaneBox knows what it needs to do with your email folders. When you are ready, click the green “Done” button to complete the setup.

SaneBox now puts its AI to use and will start sorting your emails and cleaning up your folders based on your preferences. While this is happening, you can continue using your email account as normal without any problems. When SaneBox finishes, you will see new @Sane folders in your email account based on the folder your chose to use. I was testing with @SaneNews, and you can see how it appears in my Gmail account:

How Much Does SaneBox Cost?

While the idea of easing your email productivity demands may seem ideal, we recommend testing SaneBox before you commit to a purchase. The good news is there is a good trial in place that allows you to use premium features for 14 days without needing to provide card details. If you do decide to purchase the SaneBox suite, the following price tiers are available:

  • “Snack” package: Works with 1 email account and gives access to 2 @Sane folder features:
    • $7 monthly
    • $59 yearly
    • $99 bi-annual
  • “Lunch” package for 2 email accounts and 6 @Sane folder features
    • $12 monthly
    • $99 yearly
    • $169 bi-annual
  • “Dinner” package for 4 email accounts and all @Sane folder features
    • $36 monthly
    • $299 yearly
    • $499 bi-annual

SaneBox Alternatives

SaneBox is certainly not cheap, so below are alternatives that may be more affordable or match the features and abilities of SaneBox.

  • SalesHandy: SalesHandy automates the process, letting you send personalized emails to a large audience while ensuring they land in the inbox, not the spam folder.
  • EmailTree: EmailTree uses AI to streamline your email communication and automate those recurring emails into folders you choose.
  • OpenPaas: OpenPaas is your one-stop shop for enterprise collaboration. It goes beyond email management, offering tools for messaging, video meetings, and document sharing to keep your team connected.
  • SmartWriter: SmartWriter uses AI to personalize your cold emails, LinkedIn outreach, and sales documents, boosting engagement and interest.
  • Phrasee: Phrasee uses AI to suggest and write subject lines for your emails, push notifications, and social media ads.
  • Boomerang for Gmail: Boomerang lets you schedule emails, set reminders, follow up on important messages, and even improve your writing with AI-powered suggestions.

SaneBox Review Conclusion

There is no doubt that SaneBox is a powerful email management tool. Its AI algorithm is excellent at understanding your preferences to ensure your choices are long term and you do not need to constantly tweak your settings. SaneBox is also extremely easy to use and once you set it up, it runs behind the scenes.

Despite its obvious qualities, SaneBox is expensive. How expensive will depend on your individual needs and how much email management you need. For an individual user, the cost could be a dealbreaker, but it really depends on the amount of emails you need to juggle during your day-to-day workload.

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