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Microsoft Dev Home 0.14 Gets AI Quickstart, PowerToys, Hosts File Editor and More

PowerToys modules and an AI-based Quickstart Playground help to streamline development workflows.


has introduced version 0.14 of the Dev Home app, targeting developers on and 11. This update, revealed during the Build 2024 conference, incorporates modules and an AI-driven Quickstart Playground to assist in the creation of new development projects.

Dev Home, announced last year alongside the Windows 11 23H2 Moment 4 update, is a platform designed to enhance developer productivity by integrating essential tools and resources into a single, customizable dashboard. It offers features like dashboard customization, integrated development tools, project management, and centralized resource management, all aimed at streamlining the development process.

Integration of PowerToys and AI Tools

A notable feature in the Dev Home 0.14 Preview is the integration of PowerToys modules. These utilities are designed to streamline the workflow for developers, enhancing productivity. The AI-based Quickstart Playground is another significant addition, offering a novel way to kickstart development projects efficiently.

Environment Variables Management

The update also brings a new Environment Variables tool, simplifying the management of environment variables. Users can now create profiles to manage sets of variables collectively. Profile variables take precedence over User and System variables, and a backup variable is created if a User variable with the same name exists. This ensures that the original value is restored when the profile is un-applied. The tool also displays the current state of the environment, respecting the order of evaluation (Profile > User > System).

Hosts File Editor and Registry Preview Tool

Another new feature is the Hosts File Editor, which allows for easy editing of the local “Hosts” file containing domain names and matching IP addresses. This tool is particularly useful for scenarios like migrating a website to a new hosting provider or domain name, enabling users to preview how the site will appear on the new server.

The Registry Preview tool has been introduced to simplify the visualization and editing of complex Windows Registry files. It also facilitates writing changes to the Windows Registry, making it easier for developers to manage registry settings.

Accessibility and Bug Fixes

Accessibility improvements are a key focus of this update, making the app more user-friendly for developers with disabilities. Several bug fixes have also been implemented to enhance the overall stability and performance of the app. Developers can access the Dev Home Preview version 0.14 from the project's GitHub repository, the Microsoft Store, or through the Windows Terminal using the command: winget install --id Microsoft.DevHome -e.

Upcoming Windows 11 Performance Upgrades

During its Build 2024 conference, Microsoft also announced enhancements for the file system. The upcoming version 24H2, currently in the release preview phase, will introduce block cloning technology via Dev Drive. This new storage volume is tailor-made for developers is expected to double the performance when copying files on development drives, significantly improving efficiency.

Microsoft Dev Drive Block cloning benchmarks official

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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