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Meta to Introduce Paid Tier for “Meta AI” Assistant Service

By following in the footsteps of rival AI companies, Meta AI premium will provide additional features behind a paywall.


Meta Platforms is considering launching a paid version of its AI assistant, Meta AI, according to an internal post seen by The Information. This move would position Meta alongside other major tech companies like , , , and , which already offer subscription-based .

Comparison with Competitors

Currently, those rival AI companies charge $20 per month for their AI chatbot services. These subscriptions provide various benefits, including integration with workplace applications like Microsoft Word and priority access during high-traffic periods. Meta's proposed premium tier could offer similar features, although specific details and pricing have not been disclosed.

The exact features that Meta might include in its premium version remain uncertain. The company has not yet finalized the potential offerings or the subscription cost. Internal discussions suggest that Meta aims to enhance user experience by providing advanced functionalities, possibly following the successful models of its competitors.

Strategic Considerations

Meta's consideration of a paid AI assistant service reflects a broader trend in the tech industry towards monetizing advanced AI capabilities. The move could potentially generate new revenue streams and improve user engagement by offering enhanced services. However, the company's plans are still in flux and may evolve as further details are ironed out.

As tech companies expand AI across their services, new revenue streams are emerging. Microsoft offers Copilot as an additional paid benefit for customers. It costs $30 per month on an annual payment basis, and enhances application functionalities like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint using  features.

This week, Nvidia once against posted huge revenue that has been driven by its AI chips. So successful has this market been for the chip provider that it is now committing to yearly AI processor launches. Following the Blackwell architecture, Nvidia will now introduce a new chip architecture every year. This move follows the recent release patterns of Ampere in 2020Hopper in 2022, and Blackwell in 2024.

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