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Inworld AI Introduces Advanced Voice Generator for Game Developers

Inworld Voice 2.0 continues the AI company's focus on gaming models, offering over 50 artificially generated voices.


Inworld AI, a company specializing in artificial intelligence and gaming, has launched Inworld Voice 2.0, an advanced AI voice generator aimed at game developers. This tool promises high-quality, expressive voices that are both efficient and cost-effective.

Diverse Applications and Features

The capabilities of Inworld Voice extend beyond gaming, finding utility in audiobooks, educational content, podcasts, and interactive experiences driven by AI. The technology offers 58 different voices, each customizable in terms of latency, rhythm, intonation, and pitch. Inworld AI provides the first 100 voice requests per day for free through its (TTS) API, and customers using the Inworld Engine can access the voice pipeline at no extra cost.

Inworld AI is aware of the ethical issues surrounding AI-generated voices, particularly the risk of voice theft. The company is actively working on solutions to mitigate these risks, ensuring that their technology respects creators' rights and adheres to industry standards. Future updates to Inworld Voice will include voice cloning, multilingual support, and enhanced contextual awareness for more emotionally engaging interactions.

Background and Development

Inworld AI is known for its Character Engine, which creates virtual beings from text descriptions, detailing aspects like appearance, behavior, and background. This engine uses general knowledge databases and proprietary sources provided by users to synthesize these virtual beings.

Since emerging from stealth mode in 2021, Inworld AI has raised approximately $120 million. The company has gained popularity for its Inworld Studio platform, which is widely used for creating virtual beings. Inworld AI is also a graduate of the Disney Accelerator program, where it showcased a prototype ‘Droid Maker' for designing interactive droids from the Star Wars universe.

In a significant development, Inworld AI has previously partnered with Microsoft to integrate its technology with Xbox. This collaboration allows game developers to incorporate generative AI-assisted content into their games, further enhancing the gaming experience.

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