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Bing and Copilot Outage Causes Widespread Service Interruptions

Bing has been down globally through the day, affecting the search tool, Microsoft Copilot, Bing Maps, and DuckDuckGo.


's Bing experienced a significant outage in Europe, impacting various services that rely on its API, including and DuckDuckGo. Microsoft confirmed the outage via Twitter. The disruption began around 3 AM ET, causing widespread issues across multiple platforms. At the time of writing, the disruption is ongoing with some services still down. 

Extent of the Outage

At 0846 UTC, Microsoft acknowledged the issue through a social media post, indicating that users might face difficulties accessing the Microsoft Copilot service. While Bing's primary search functionality has been restored, Bing Maps remains unavailable. Copilot, previously known as Bing Chat is still down. The outage has led to intermittent or complete unavailability of several services.

The outage has had a ripple effect on other services dependent on Bing's API. DuckDuckGo and Ecosia, which use Bing for search results, were unable to load any search results. Additionally, ChatGPT Plus users encountered error messages when attempting web searches. Microsoft's Copilot displayed a loading loop, preventing users from accessing the service.

Broader Implications

This incident underscores the interconnected nature of modern web services. The reliance on Bing's API by various platforms means that a failure in Bing's service can have extensive consequences. The outage has also raised concerns about the resilience of these interconnected systems and the potential for cascading failures.

Humorous speculation has emerged, suggesting that the outage could be the first sign of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) deciding to shut itself down after evaluating the world. However, these theories remain speculative and unconfirmed. Microsoft has stated that it is working to isolate the cause of the issue, but has not provided a timeline for when all systems will be fully operational again.

Service Health and Acknowledgments

Microsoft's service health platform does not currently flag any other service outages. and Ecosia have confirmed that they are experiencing issues with their platform's search features and are investigating the problem. The disruption has gone largely unnoticed by the general public, but it highlights the importance of robust infrastructure and contingency planning for web services.

Luke Jones
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