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Microsoft Integrates AI in PowerToys Clipboard for Windows 11

The new Advanced Paste feature in PowerToys is powered by AI from Microsoft and partner OpenAI.


has unveiled an AI-enhanced clipboard feature within its PowerToys utility suite for . This new capability, known as Advanced Paste, is part of the latest version 0.81. The feature aims to streamline user workflows by dynamically converting clipboard content.

Activation and Key Features

Users can activate the Advanced Paste feature by pressing Windows Key + Shift + V, which opens a specialized text window. This window offers various paste conversion options, including plaintext, markdown, and JSON. Additionally, the “Paste with AI” option can be enabled in the settings, utilizing 's API to provide advanced functionalities such as text summarization, translations, code generation, and stylistic rewrites.Advanced-Paste-PowerToys

To access the AI-powered features, users need to input an OpenAI API key within PowerToys. If users do not already have API credits, they will need to purchase them separately, as these credits are distinct from a paid account. This update is designed to facilitate tasks like copying code in one and pasting it in another, enhancing the versatility of the clipboard.

Developer Benefits

The Advanced Paste feature is particularly beneficial for developers, as it can convert code from one programming language to another. This functionality simplifies the process of working across different coding environments, making it easier for developers to manage diverse projects.

Beyond practical applications, the AI-powered clipboard also offers creative text transformations. For instance, users can convert text into Yoda syntax, providing a fun and unique way to manipulate text. Additionally, specific conversion prompts can be entered in the OpenAI section, allowing for a wide range of text manipulations based on user input.

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