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Microsoft Brings 3D Windows Apps to Meta Quest Headsets

Windows Volumetric Apps on Meta Quest allows users to run Windows applications through their mixed reality headsets.


has unveiled a new API called “Windows Volumetric Apps on Meta Quest,” aimed at integrating Windows applications into a three-dimensional virtual reality environment. This initiative, announced at the 2024 Build conference, seeks to enable users to interact with digital objects using Meta Quest headsets.

Showcase of 3D Capabilities

During the conference, Microsoft demonstrated the potential of this technology by presenting a 3D exploded view of an Xbox controller as seen through a Meta Quest 3 headset. This interactive visualization was developed by Microsoft's software partner, Creo, in just one day. Developers interested in this technology can now sign up for a developer preview, which provides access to the volumetric API. Microsoft is particularly looking for developers who create or provide plug-ins for 3D Windows desktop applications or those who work with 3D applications on Windows desktop and want to extend these applications into mixed reality.

Historical Context and Strategic Developments

This announcement is part of Microsoft's ongoing efforts in the mixed reality space. Previously, the company had launched the Windows Mixed Reality initiative, which involved various Windows PC partners creating wired headsets that connected directly to PCs. Although this project was eventually discontinued, Microsoft has continued to explore mixed reality technologies.

In recent months, the company has strengthened its partnership with Meta, launching a limited-run Xbox-themed version of the Meta Quest and introducing Office apps and Xbox Cloud Gaming on Quest VR. Additionally, other PC manufacturers have started Meta's Quest operating system for their own headsets, although a direct partnership between LG and Meta is reportedly facing challenges.

Microsoft's move to bring volumetric applications to Meta Quest headsets opens new possibilities for developers to create immersive 3D experiences. The developer preview is now available, and it remains to be seen how this collaboration will influence the broader virtual and augmented reality sectors.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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