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Kyndryl and Nvidia Partner to Accelerate AI Deployments

By integrating each others services, Kyndryl and Nvidia hope to power AI innovation amongst their customers.


Kyndryl, a prominent IT infrastructure provider, has announced a collaboration with to support businesses in advancing their AI-driven projects. This partnership aims to tackle the difficulties organizations encounter in commercializing initiatives, despite the enthusiasm of senior executives to adopt the technology.

Expanding AI Capabilities

The collaboration between Kyndryl and Nvidia is set to provide companies with sophisticated tools to accelerate the creation and deployment of , ensuring their practical effectiveness. Organizations utilizing Nvidia's accelerated computing and software platform will now have access to Kyndryl Bridge and Kyndryl Consult. These services offer data-driven insights and expert guidance for managing IT projects, as well as testing and deploying generative AI applications. Additionally, customers will benefit from Nvidia's NeMo platform for large language models and its NIM inference microservice, crucial for companies looking to implement Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) for .

John Fanelli, Nvidia's Vice President of Enterprise Software, highlighted the partnership's objectives, noting that Kyndryl's services and expertise in integrating Nvidia's comprehensive AI stack are essential for enabling the swift establishment and scaling of AI strategies for clients.

Enhancing Business Outcomes with AI

Giovanni Carraro, Kyndryl's Senior Vice President of Global Strategic Alliances, emphasized the importance of the collaboration, stating that it equips Nvidia's customers with the necessary tools for the effective testing and deployment of AI projects. This synergy is expected to produce tangible business results by combining Nvidia's advanced AI hardware and software with Kyndryl's deployment capabilities.

Kyndryl's AI-powered open integration digital business platform, Kyndryl Bridge, will support the entire lifecycle of and implementation in real-world business settings for customers running full-stack Nvidia accelerated computing and software. Kyndryl will utilize the Nvidia NeMo platform and Nvidia NIM inference microservices to address both common and industry-specific use cases, including customer support, IT operations , fraud and loss prevention, and real-time analytics.

The integration of Nvidia NIM into Kyndryl Bridge will enable AIOps to be optimized on Nvidia Tensor Core GPUs, allowing for rapid processing of failure prediction and analysis while delivering comprehensive insights that will significantly reduce network and IT infrastructure failures. The incorporation of retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) with Nvidia NeMo Retriever microservices allows the solution to be uniquely tailored to enterprise environments.

Industry-Specific Implementations

Kyndryl offers a wide range of services through its Kyndryl Bridge catalog. This includes providing the Nvidia AI platform to various industries like finance, retail, telecom, and healthcare. Kyndryl Consult helps customers implement these solutions, whether they're on-premises, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or even multicloud environments, all powered by Nvidia's advanced computing infrastructure.

Kyndryl Bridge integrates with Nvidia AI to significantly improve the performance of generative AI on the platform. This combination of Nvidia AI and accelerated computing allows Kyndryl Bridge to deliver faster, more efficient solutions and accelerate customer adoption across different industries. Kyndryl Bridge, together with Nvidia's capabilities, empowers Kyndryl to offer valuable consulting and managed services using generative AI through the Kyndryl Bridge platform, making it easier to create integrated solutions for customers.

GPU-aware workload placement via CloudOps and SustainabilityOps will drive improved performance and deliver insights to support energy-efficient generative AI workloads. Kyndryl Bridge will enhance the performance of generative AI applications, such as AI-powered and virtual avatars on Nvidia-powered systems, through real-time insights from Kyndryl Bridge AIOps.

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