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UK Government Defends Faculty AI Safety Contracts

Marc Warner, Faculty's co-founder, is the brother of Ben Warner, a former adviser to Boris Johnson and ally of Dominic Cummings.


Faculty, a British artificial intelligence company, has secured significant contracts with the UK government, raising questions about the firm's political connections and procurement processes. The company has been awarded over £45 million in public tenders over the past three years, including a £1.5 million contract with the newly established AI Safety Institute (AISI) to test advanced AI technologies.

Political Connections and Controversy

The firm's close ties to key political figures have sparked controversy, writes Politico. Marc Warner, Faculty's co-founder, is the brother of Ben Warner, a former adviser to Boris Johnson and ally of Dominic Cummings. Faculty first gained attention as the data science partner for the Vote Leave campaign, which supported the UK's departure from the EU. Since then, the company has become increasingly integrated within the , drawing comparisons to the US firm Palantir, which also specializes in government contracts.

Faculty's recent contracts have been awarded without competitive bidding, a practice that has left some members of parliament uncomfortable. Politico quotes Tim Clement-Jones, a Liberal Democrat lawmaker and tech policy expert who expressed concerns about the firm's extensive political connections. Clement-Jones stated that Faculty “seems to be connected to everybody,” highlighting the need for transparency in government procurement processes.

AI Safety and Government Endorsement

Faculty has capitalized on the UK government's focus on , particularly under Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's administration. The company has been tasked with testing the safety of large language models (LLMs), a type of AI technology that includes and other systems. Faculty's work has revealed significant vulnerabilities in these models, including the ease with which supposed safeguards can be bypassed.

Politico talked to Faculty CEO Marc Warner, who emphasized the importance of AI safety, advocating for a hybrid approach that involves both government and private sector testing. Warner's experiences with LLMs have led him to caution that current levels of control and insight are insufficient for ensuring safe outcomes with more powerful AI systems.

Government's Stance and Future Prospects

The UK government has defended its decision to award contracts to Faculty without competition, citing the firm's unique expertise in AI safety in a lengthy response to Politico. A government spokesperson stated that Faculty was “judged to be the only provider capable of delivering these highly sensitive and specialist services in the newly emerging AI market.” However, public procurement specialist Albert Sanchez-Graells from Bristol University has criticized this rationale, arguing that the government has not adequately demonstrated that no other providers could meet the requirements.

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