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Outlook Adds Support for Embedded Microsoft Stream Videos

Microsoft Stream videos can be added into the body of an email on Outlook for the web and Outlook for Windows.


has introduced a new feature allowing users to embed Microsoft Stream videos directly into their emails on Outlook for the web and the new Outlook for Windows. This update aims to enhance the email experience by enabling seamless video sharing and playback within the email body.

How to Embed Stream Videos in Outlook

To utilize this feature, users need to start a new email by selecting “New mail.” Then, they can copy a Stream video share link and paste it into the email body. Alternatively, users can attach a video from OneDrive or upload and share a video to OneDrive. The link will automatically transform into an embedded media player, allowing recipients to watch the video directly within the email.

If users prefer to revert the embedded video back to a link, they can do so by right-clicking the video file name in the inline player and selecting “Link Styles” followed by “Link.” This provides flexibility in how videos are presented in emails.

Managing video permissions is straightforward. Users can right-click the hyperlinked video file name in the inline player to adjust permissions as needed. This ensures that only authorized recipients can view the embedded content.

Requirements and Future Plans

If you're unfamiliar with , it's a video  service that is geared toward businesses and enterprise customers. Available in Office 365, the tool has been free to  customers since launching in 2016.

To access this feature, users need a stable internet connection, or the new Outlook for Windows, and videos stored in OneDrive or SharePoint. Microsoft is also working on bringing this functionality to Outlook for Windows (Classic) in the near future.

Microsoft encourages users to provide feedback on this new feature. Users can select “Help” followed by “Feedback” to share their thoughts and experiences, helping Microsoft improve the feature further.

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