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Opera Joins Chromium Browsers with Windows on Arm Support

The native Windows on Arm version of Opera is now available for download, but this is only an early-access version.


Opera has launched a native version of its browser for Windows on Arm, contributing to the ongoing discourse about 's strategy for this underutilized operating system. This move follows the release of Chrome for Windows on Arm and aligns with Microsoft's anticipated hardware announcements based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite platform.

Performance and Compatibility

Testing on devices shows that the Opera browser operates as an process, avoiding the performance drawbacks associated with x64 emulation. Users have reported a noticeable improvement in speed, though not as dramatic as Opera's claims. This development suggests a renewed focus on Windows on Arm, potentially enhanced by AI capabilities.

Opera's latest version emphasizes , featuring tools like Aria, a ChatGPT-powered assistant that helps users search for information and answer questions related to the company's products and services. Klaus Diaconu, Microsoft's partner director of product management for Windows Fundamentals, expressed enthusiasm for Opera's native availability on -powered Windows devices and highlighted ongoing collaboration to leverage new AI capabilities.

User Experience and Availability

The native Arm version of Opera is now available for download through the Opera Developer stream, an early-access version of the browser. This release provides relief for users who have been dealing with x64 emulation. While the Snapdragon-optimized version of Opera may not significantly shift user preferences away from their current browsers, it signals a more promising future for Windows on Arm.

Opera's announcement follows the debut of other popular browsers like Vivaldi, Brave, and Chrome, which have already released native versions for Windows on Arm. This collective shift indicates a broader industry trend towards optimizing software for Arm-based Windows devices.

Upcoming Hardware Announcements

Microsoft and are teaming up with partners to launch laptops powered by the revolutionary Snapdragon X Elite processor. Expected during an event on May 20, these Windows on Arm machines promise to compete with the M3 MacBook Air, boasting superior performance for both everyday tasks and .

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