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Windows 11 Snipping Tool Gets Visual Search and More Features

The Snipping Tool in Windows 11 now allows users to access Bing with the app to conduct visual searches on images and objects.


has updated its Windows 11 Snipping Tool, adding a visual search feature. This update, version 11.2404.39.0, is currently available for Canary and Dev Channel members. The visual search functionality enables users to find similar images and objects within their screenshots using Bing. Users can access this feature by right-clicking on a screenshot and selecting “Visual Search with Bing” or by navigating to the “See more” menu in the toolbar.

Additional Features from Previous Update

The new visual search feature complements three other functionalities introduced in a prior update. One notable addition is the ability for the app to detect QR codes within screenshots, allowing users to access the associated links directly on their PC. Another enhancement enables users to insert emojis into their screenshots. By clicking or tapping the Shapes toolbar, users can access the new Emoji option, select the desired emoji, and then resize or reposition it as needed.Snipping-Tool-Windows-11-Visual-Search

The update also allows users to adjust the opacity of a shape's fill and outline colors within the . Additionally, the ruler tool, which had been previously removed, has been reintroduced. These features aim to offer more customization and functionality to users, enhancing their screenshot editing experience.

Microsoft has not yet announced when these features will be available in the general release of the Snipping Tool. However, the updates are currently accessible to Insider members in the Canary and Dev Channels for testing and feedback.

Back in 2021, Microsoft brought a new Snipping Tool to , giving users a native screen recording option on the platform. However, since then the tool has been locked in the Windows Insider Program as a preview. The Snipping Tool takes the elements of the Snip & Sketch but brings back the old Snipping Tool name. 

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