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Microsoft Updates HoloLens 2 with New Windows Holographic Features

Microsoft updates HoloLens 2 with shared accounts, network diagnostics, and improved eye tracking for better user experience.


has released a software update for its HoloLens 2 mixed reality device, introducing new functionalities and enhancements aimed at improving user experience and device performance. The latest version of the Windows Holographic software, version 24H1, brings several new features to the device.

Shared Account Feature

One of the key additions in the 24H1 update is the ability for multiple users to create a shared account on a single device. Microsoft states that deploying a Shared Microsoft Entra ID account allows users to log in with a single sign-in button, enabling workers to start their tasks more quickly. This feature is particularly useful in environments where the device is used by multiple individuals, streamlining workflow and reducing setup time.

Network Connectivity Diagnostics

The update also enhances the Offline Diagnostics feature, now including tools for assessing the device's network connectivity. Users can initiate Offline Diagnostics to collect data on IP addresses, Wi-Fi information, proxy settings, and the device's connectivity to known cloud service endpoints. This addition helps in identifying and resolving network issues more efficiently, ensuring that the device remains connected and operational.

Improved Eye Tracking Calibration

Improvements have been made to the eye tracking calibration process as well. The new version displays the option for eye tracking calibration on the device, even if it has been deployed via Autopilot. Users have the flexibility to disable this feature through an existing policy, but any user on the device can opt to run eye calibration at any time to enhance their experience. This ensures that the device can cater to individual user needs more effectively.

The release of the 24H1 update follows Microsoft's decision in August 2023 to spin off the development of its Mixed Reality Toolkit to a separate organization. This new group includes and Magic Leap, alongside Microsoft. By doing so, the company aims to free the toolkit from previous constraints, allowing developers greater freedom to introduce new endpoints and influence feature roadmaps.

The continued updates and improvements to the HoloLens 2 demonstrate Microsoft's commitment to advancing mixed reality technology, even as it shifts its broader mixed reality strategy.

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