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Microsoft Introduces Customizable Proteus Xbox Controller for Disabled Gamers

Microsoft unveils Proteus Controller, a modular gamepad for Xbox gamers with disabilities.


has announced the Proteus Controller, a modular gamepad aimed at improving accessibility for Xbox gamers with disabilities. Developed in collaboration with ByoWave under the Designed for Xbox program, the controller is priced at $299 and is expected to ship in the fall.

Customizable Design for Enhanced Accessibility

The Proteus Controller features a unique design with small, interchangeable cubes that include various faceplates such as buttons, a directional pad, and analog sticks. These “snap and play” components enable users to create over 100 configurations, catering to individual needs and preferences. The controller also offers LED lighting variations for additional customization. Gamers can remap buttons using a companion app, providing a more tailored experience.

Compatibility and Additional Features

Upon release, the Proteus Controller will be compatible with Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 and . ByoWave has indicated that support for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch is not currently available, but they are open to future partnerships. The controller kit includes a USB-C charging cable, a Bluetooth dongle, left and right handles for a traditional gamepad setup, and two large one-button peripherals.

Updates to Existing Adaptive Controller

In addition to the new Proteus Controller, Microsoft is updating its existing Xbox Adaptive Controller, which was initially released in 2018. The updated version will support more accessories, with each USB port accommodating up to 12 buttons, a second stick, and a hat switch. This firmware update will be available to the public in the coming months, with an early rollout to Xbox Insiders.

The announcement coincides with Global Accessibility Awareness Day, which falls on the third Thursday of May each year. Microsoft describes the Proteus Controller as “a modular adaptive kit giving disabled gamers the tools to build their own way to play.” This release is part of a broader set of accessibility-related announcements from the Xbox team. Other initiatives include new and updated support articles for accessibility features in games and gaming in general.

The Proteus Controller is available for preorder on ByoWave's website at a discounted price of $255. This development underscores Microsoft's ongoing commitment to making gaming more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

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