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Intel’s New “Thunderbolt Share” Simplifies Multi-PC Workflows

Thunderbolt Share aims to optimize the use of multiple computers without burdening WiFi or ethernet networks.


has introduced Thunderbolt Share, a new software feature designed to enhance data sharing and screen monitoring between Windows PCs using Thunderbolt technology. The software leverages the high bandwidth and low latency of Thunderbolt 4 and 5 ports to facilitate smoother and uncompressed video screen sharing and fast data transfers.

Enhanced Video and Data Transfer

Thunderbolt Share allows two PCs equipped with Thunderbolt 4 or 5 ports to connect via a cable or a Thunderbolt-supported dock. Once connected, users can enable the Thunderbolt Share software to improve productivity through multi-PC workflows. This feature is particularly beneficial for creators and gamers, enabling easy collaboration and shared peripheral usage. Business professionals and general consumers can also benefit from better ergonomics and maximized workspace efficiency through shared monitors and multiple PC setups.

The software utilizes Thunderbolt hardware to offer uncompressed video screen sharing between two PCs, controllable with a single mouse and keyboard. Additionally, Thunderbolt Share supports fast file transfers between connected PCs, providing the added security of a wired connection over wireless networks. This ensures a smoother and more reliable data transfer experience. Intel says about Thunderbolt Share:

“Creators and gamers will enjoy improved productivity with multi-PC workflows and easy collaboration between colleagues, and they will be able to share preferred peripherals. Consumers and business professionals will enjoy better ergonomics with shared monitors, and they will be able to maximize workspaces using multiple PCs.”

Additional Capabilities and Security Features

Thunderbolt Share aims to optimize the use of multiple computers without burdening WiFi or ethernet networks. The software supports folder synchronization and drag-and-drop file transfers between computers. Jason Ziller, Intel vice president and general manager of Client Connectivity, stated that this technology aims to bring innovative solutions to the market, enhancing user experiences. One practical application includes transferring data and files from an old PC to a new one, simplifying the process significantly. Thunderbolt Share offers full HD screen mirroring at up to 60 frames per second (fps), with higher resolutions potentially resulting in fewer fps but still maintaining a high-quality experience.

Thunderbolt Share uses Intel VT-d-based data protection, respects User Access Control through Windows password-locked screens, and restricts certain operations to local access only. The connection is exclusive to the Thunderbolt Network for enhanced security.

Availability and Compatibility

Intel has released the initial version of the Thunderbolt Share software, which is compatible with Windows 10 and 11 PCs that meet specific hardware and software requirements. At least one of the PCs must be officially licensed as Thunderbolt Share by the PC manufacturer. Intel has announced that the software will be included on select Windows PCs starting in the second half of 2024. Companies such as Lenovo, Acer, MSI, Razer, Kensington, Belkin, Promise, Plugable, and OWC will support Thunderbolt Share in their PCs and accessories. Initially, Thunderbolt Share will support only Windows-based PCs, but Intel may explore expansion to other operating systems in the future. More partners are anticipated to join soon.

By introducing Thunderbolt Share, Intel aims to provide users with a more integrated and efficient multi-PC experience, enhancing both productivity and collaboration across various use cases.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus is the founder of WinBuzzer and has been playing with Windows and technology for more than 25 years. He is holding a Master´s degree in International Economics and previously worked as Lead Windows Expert for Softonic.com.

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