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Google Smart Home APIs Now Available to All Developers

The new Home APIs allow developers to connect with over 600 million devices linked to Google Home.


has expanded its smart home platform by opening API access to developers, enabling them to integrate Google Home devices and automations into their applications. This initiative, announced at the Google I/O 2024 developer conference, aims to enhance the accessibility and functionality of smart home technology.

Google Smart Home API Access for Developers

The new Home APIs allow developers to connect with over 600 million devices linked to Google Home. This includes compatibility with Matter devices and those that work with Google Home, enabling developers to create customized smart home experiences within their apps on both iOS and Android platforms. Initial partners for this initiative include ADT and Eve, with ADT using the APIs for a Trusted Neighbor feature and Eve integrating its app with for the first time.

Integration with Google Pixel and Other Devices

Google Pixel devices will also benefit from the new APIs, bridging the digital and physical worlds. For instance, bedtime mode on a Pixel device can now trigger automations such as dimming bedroom lights, lowering shades, and locking doors. The APIs are available to early access partners, with a waitlist open for other developers to sign up. The first apps utilizing these APIs are expected to be available on the Play and App stores by fall.

Matter Standard and Local Control

The Matter standard, developed by major tech companies including Apple, Amazon, Google, and Samsung, is designed to ensure interoperability among smart home devices. Google is enhancing its Matter infrastructure by upgrading Google TVs and Chromecast with Google TV to function as smart home hubs with local control capabilities. This upgrade will extend to select panel TVs running Android 14 or higher and some LG TVs. Existing Google home hubs, such as the Nest Hub (second-gen), Nest Hub Max, and Google Wifi, will also receive updates to support local command routing, significantly improving response times and automation capabilities.

Privacy and Security Considerations

Google emphasizes that privacy and security were key considerations in developing these APIs. Developers who utilize the APIs will need to pass certification before rolling out their apps. Additionally, apps will not be able to access a user's smart home devices without explicit consent. For example, a food delivery app could switch on outdoor lights before the courier arrives, or a workout app might turn on a fan before a user starts exercising.

Google's move to open its smart home platform and enhance local control is set to make smart home technology more accessible and versatile for users and developers alike.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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