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Android 15 Gets Advanced Theft Protection, Improved Locking, AI Powered Recommendations

The new Theft Detection Lock feature recognizes unusual movements, such as when a phone is snatched from a user's hand or a table.


At its Google I/O 2024 conference, has announced a series of new security features with the release of its second Android 15 Beta, including a theft detection capability that identifies when a phone is forcibly taken. The updates are designed to enhance privacy and theft prevention measures for users.

Theft Detection and Locking Mechanism

The new Theft Detection Lock feature recognizes unusual movements, such as when a phone is snatched from a user's hand or a table. Upon detecting such actions, the phone screen locks automatically to prevent unauthorized access. The system also monitors for other suspicious activities, like attempts to disconnect the device from the network, and will lock the screen to hinder any potential misuse.

Google is introducing a remote locking feature accessible via .com/lock, allowing users to lock their devices by entering their phone number and completing a security challenge. This tool is especially useful if the user only has access to another person's phone at the time. Additionally, Android 15 introduces “private spaces,” which are hidden areas on the phone where apps and information can be secured with a unique PIN.

Enhanced Play Protect and Broader Availability

Android's Play Protect service is also receiving an update to bolster protection against malicious actors. The enhanced Play Protect will utilize on-device AI to monitor app permissions and detect signs of phishing and fraud without collecting user data. Suspicious apps will be flagged for further review by Google. This live threat detection feature will be available on devices from manufacturers like Google Pixel, Honor, Lenovo, Nothing, OnePlus, Oppo, Sharp, and Transsion later this year.

The new security features, including theft detection and remote locking, will be available to phones running Android 10 or later through a Google Play services update. This broad compatibility ensures that a significant number of users will benefit from the enhanced security measures, even if they are not using the latest OS version.

Productivity and Performance Enhancements

Android 15 includes productivity enhancements, better privacy and security, and smoother performance. Significant improvements are expected for foldable and larger-screen devices, with new taskbar options allowing users to choose between a permanent or transient taskbar. The update also integrates more foldable cover screen options, allowing users to choose how the cover screen behaves when the device is folded.

AI-Powered Recommendations and Google TV

For users of Google TV-based smart televisions or streaming devices, Google will soon introduce AI-based recommendations. Utilizing the Gemini model, these recommendations will provide AI-generated descriptions on the homescreen, tailored to the user's genre and actor preferences. The AI will also generate descriptions for movies and shows that lack information or translations, ensuring users are well-informed.

Google Wallet and Wear OS 5 Updates

Google Wallet is set to receive updates for US users. The enhanced version will be capable of scanning and storing digital versions of physical items, including event tickets, library cards, and auto insurance cards, among others.

Furthermore, Google has announced the upcoming release of Wear OS 5, the latest update to its smartwatch operating system. This update promises to significantly extend battery life and includes enhancements to fitness applications.

Additional Features in Android 15

Android 15 will also include app archiving, allowing users to offload most of an app while keeping user settings or save data. The update enhances PDF handling, including support for password-protected files, annotations, form editing, and in-document search. Enhanced fraud and scam protection employs AI to scan for and flag suspicious behavior.

The update supports the CTA-2075 loudness standard, ensuring consistent audio levels across different apps. Android 15 improves the camera app with Low Light Boost and finer control over flash intensity. Efficiency improvements are also expected to enhance battery life and faster app and camera launch times for devices with a lot of RAM.

Android 15 introduces systemwide keyboard vibration settings and rich vibrations for different notifications. The update adds new data types to Health Connect, including skin temperature and training plans. Google has expanded satellite connectivity, allowing some RCS and SMS apps to send text messages via satellite.

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