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Google I/O 2024 Introduces Gemini API Contest with DeLorean Prize

Google announces Gemini API updates and a developer competition at I/O 2024. Build apps with the API to win prizes, including a DeLorean car.


has announced updates to its Gemini family of AI models at the developers conference. Alongside these updates, the company has introduced the Gemini API Developer Competition, featuring actor Christopher Lloyd, known for his role as Doctor Emmett Brown in the “Back to the Future” trilogy, to promote the event.

Competition Details and Criteria

The Gemini API Developer Competition is open to both individual developers and teams. Participants are required to create and submit applications utilizing the Gemini API. Google has outlined five key criteria for judging submissions: Impact, Remarkability, Creativity, Usefulness, and Execution. The company seeks applications that not only use the Gemini API in novel ways but also address real-world problems, are thoughtfully designed, and offer an engaging user experience.

The grand prize winner will receive an electric version of a 1981 DeLorean car, themed after the “Back to the Future” movies. Additionally, the competition will offer cash prizes across various categories, including best Android app, best web app, and best game. Larger cash prizes will be awarded for the most useful, most impactful, and most creative applications. There is also a People's Choice category, determined by public voting.

Submission Deadlines and Judging

The competition runs from now until August 12, 2024. The deadline for app submissions is August 14. Public voting for the People's Choice category will commence on August 16. An internal Google team will select the winners for the other categories. The winners of the competition will be announced in October.

The Gemini API in Google AI Studio facilitates prototyping and building with the powerful Gemini models, offering features such as tuning, system instructions, and JSON mode. This makes it easier for developers to integrate advanced AI capabilities into their applications.

Additional Awards and Recognition

Google is also recognizing top apps across platforms and tools such as Android, ARCore, Chrome, Firebase, and Flutter with technology awards. The competition boasts a $1 million prize pool, further incentivizing developers to participate. For a full list of prizes and categories, developers can visit ai.google.dev/competition. By encouraging developers to create applications using the Gemini API, Google aims to inspire creativity and problem-solving within the tech community. The unique grand prize and various cash awards are designed to highlight the potential of the Gemini AI models.

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