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Google Introduces Music AI Sandbox for AI-Generated Loops

Google unveils Music AI Sandbox at I/O, a tool that lets users create music loops with AI prompts.


has unveiled Music AI Sandbox, a new tool that allows users to create music loops using AI-generated prompts. This announcement was made during the I/O 2024 conference, where the company showcased various advancements in artificial intelligence.

In a demonstration video, Music AI Sandbox was shown to accept text inputs and generate short audio clips or “stems” based on the given prompts. The tool also provides a waveform representation of the generated sounds, offering a visual component to the audio creation process.

Music Industry Collaborations and Reactions

Producer Wyclef Jean, known for his work with the Fugees, compared the tool to an “infinite crate,” referring to the traditional method of crate digging in record stores to find loops. Marc Rebillet, a music producer and YouTuber famous for his viral “Morning Alarm” song, demonstrated the tool by typing prompts like “viola” and “rhythmic clapping.” He noted that the AI-generated loops enhance his music, making it sound “more human.”

Additional AI Tools Unveiled

In addition to Music AI Sandbox, Google introduced several other AI tools at the event. These include the AI video generator Veo, which uses text, audio, and visual inputs to create videos, and Imagen 3, a new AI photo app. CEO Demis Hassabis presented a video featuring Donald Glover praising Veo, highlighting its potential in creative industries.

The use of AI in creative fields has sparked debates among actors, authors, and musicians who worry about the technology's impact on their livelihoods. Critics argue that AI could replace human creativity and raise concerns about the use of original content to train AI models and the generation of deepfakes.

The promotional video for Music AI Sandbox featured several well-known figures, including Haitian rapper Wyclef Jean, songwriters Justin Tranter and Blush, and music producer Marc Rebillet. The tool is part of Google's suite of AI music tools developed in collaboration with . You can find all other experiments with the sandbox on the official YouTube playlist

Though AI music has existed for years, Sandbox is the most advanced AI music tool Google has unveiled yet. The company also introduced the new Gemini 1.5 AI tool at the I/O event. Google already uses Gemini in YouTube for non-creative purposes. In April, the company announced the Gemini integration in YouTube

Users can search for songs, initiate radio streams, and discover new artists and playlists through voice commands or text search. Gemini seamlessly accesses a user's YouTube Music account data, including playlists, liked songs, playback history, and preferences. This data is then used to refine search results and recommendations, ensuring a music discovery journey tailored to each individual's tastes.

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