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New OpenAI GPT-4o AI Model Now Available on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

OpenAI's new AI model ChatGPT-4o is available through a Microsoft Azure preview and a desktop app (Mac now, Windows later).


has announced its latest large model, GPT-4o, which incorporates multimodal capabilities, including text, image, video, and voice inputs. The model aims to provide answers in natural language and will be accessible to both free and paid users. , a major partner of OpenAI, has swiftly announced the availability of GPT-4o in a preview version on its Azure OpenAI Service.

According to a blog post from Microsoft, customers of the Azure OpenAI Service can now explore GPT-4o's extensive functionalities through a preview playground in Azure OpenAI Studio. Initially, this release is available in two regions in the United States and focuses on text and vision inputs. The preview aims to showcase the model's potential, setting the stage for future features such as audio and video capabilities.

Microsoft highlights that business users will benefit from GPT-4o within Azure OpenAI Service by enabling “more dynamic and comprehensive customer support interactions.” Additionally, businesses will be able to analyze larger datasets and generate more content for their operations. Further details about GPT-4o and updates on Microsoft's Azure AI services will be disclosed next week at the Build 2024 developers conference, starting in Seattle on May 21.

Future Developments and Expectations

The launch of -4o and its integration into Azure OpenAI Service mark advancements in AI technology. Both companies are set to provide more detailed information and demonstrations at the upcoming Build 2024 conference. The developments underscore OpenAI's commitment to expanding the accessibility and functionality of its AI models, while Microsoft's integration highlights the practical applications of these technologies in business environments.

Capabilities and Functionality

Microsoft has listed several possibilities opened up by the new technology, including:

  • Advanced analytics: Utilize GPT-4o's capability to process and analyze different types of data to enhance decision-making and uncover deeper insights.
  • Content innovation: Use GPT-4o's generative capabilities to create engaging and diverse content formats, catering to a broad range of consumer preferences.

Directions on how to use the early access playground are available on Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Studio. If you want to know more about the individual capabilities of GPT-4o, you can check out our official launch article, that details how the new AI model leverages multimodal techniques to improve accuracy and usability. 

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