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Google Teases Better Gemini AI after OpenAI GPT-4o Release

Similar to OpenAI's latest ChatGPT demo, Google's new Gemini video impresses with natural conversation.


has hosted its “Spring Updates” event to introduce its latest AI model, GPT-4o, along with a new application designed for Mac users. The company demonstrated the enhanced capabilities of GPT-4o through a series of illustrative videos, showcasing the model's advanced functionalities.

New Google Gemini AI Preview

Shortly after OpenAI's event, released a demonstration video on X (formerly known as Twitter), highlighting the potential of an improved version of its Gemini AI. The video, apparently filmed during the setup for Google I/O, shows Gemini analyzing a live camera feed and responding to human inquiries. The AI not only answers questions about the video content but also deciphers text displayed on the screen. Additionally, Gemini engages in an interactive dialogue by posing follow-up questions, with the conversation textually displayed on the screen.

In the demo, a Pixel phone running Gemini AI is shown analyzing a stage being set up for Google I/O. When asked what it thinks is happening, Gemini accurately identifies the setup as preparation for a large event. When letters are shown on a screen, Gemini identifies them as related to Google I/O and provides a brief description of the upcoming event.

Google I/O 2024 and Future Features

The release of the Gemini AI demo precedes Google's annual developer conference, , set to commence with a keynote at 10 am PT on May 14. The conference is expected to cover updates on Gemini AI, Android 15, Google Search, Pixel devices, and other innovations.

Much like OpenAI's latest ChatGPT demonstration, Google's Gemini video is impressive because of how natural the conversation feels. The AI moves fluidly, much like a conversation between two friends. However, Google has faced criticism in the past for making AI demos appear more advanced than they actually are. Hands-on experience with these Gemini features will be necessary to determine their true capabilities, but if the video is an accurate representation, the competition in AI technology is intensifying.

A new notable feature from Gemini's web version, “Real-Time Responses,” has recently emerged in the settings menu of the Android app. This feature allows users to view responses as the chatbot generates them. Furthermore, Google is reportedly working on integrating music streaming services, including YouTube Music, to enhance search results. A “Stop” button is also under development for Gemini's Android app to enable users to halt response generation midway.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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