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Microsoft Edge to Launch AI Theme Generator in June 2024

Microsoft Edge is getting an AI theme generator! Users can describe a theme and the AI will create a custom image for their browser.


has unveiled a new feature for its browser that utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance user personalization. The Microsoft 365 Roadmap indicates that Edge will soon incorporate an AI theme generator, enabling users to create customized browser themes. By inputting a text prompt, users can generate a series of images that can be previewed and set as the browser's theme, thereby personalizing the visual interface of Edge.

Enhancing User Experience Through AI

The AI theme generator is crafted to simplify the customization of the browsing experience. Once a theme is selected, the generated image will not only be displayed on the new tab page but will also color the browser frame with the image's dominant hue. For businesses and organizations using Edge, administrators will have the capability to manage the availability of this AI theme generation feature by modifying the “AIGenThemesEnabled” policy. This allows for alignment with their IT and branding strategies.

Broader AI Integration Across Microsoft Products

Microsoft's integration of AI into its products is not new. Earlier this year, Microsoft Teams Premium introduced the ability to generate AI-created backgrounds for video meetings. The new AI theme generation feature in Edge is part of Microsoft's broader strategy to incorporate AI to enhance user experiences across its suite of software.

Scheduled Rollout and Additional Features

The AI theme generator feature is expected to be available in June 2024. This addition is part of a series of enhancements to Edge, which include advanced image-editing tools and AI-assisted adjustments to browser settings. Microsoft's AI image generator, Designer, is likely to be utilized to produce these AI-generated themes, ensuring high-quality visuals and customization.

Ongoing Developments and Future Prospects

As Microsoft continues to update Edge, the browser has reached version 124 in the Stable channel, which now includes a new internet speed test feature in its sidebar. The forthcoming version Edge 125, currently in beta, focuses on improving resource management by giving users more control over the browser's RAM usage. These updates highlight Microsoft's ongoing efforts to refine Edge's functionality and user experience through both AI enhancements and performance improvements.

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