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Microsoft Set to Release System Center 2025 with Enhanced Security and Azure Integration this Fall

Microsoft is launching System Center 2025 alongside Windows Server 2025 this fall. It offers improved VM management, stronger security features, and cloud integration.


has announced the launch of System Center 2025, a comprehensive update to its suite of software management tools. The release, scheduled for the fall of 2024, will coincide with the introduction of Windows Server 2025, indicating a synchronized update of Microsoft's infrastructure management and server solutions. The update will include new versions of Center Operations Manager (SCOM), Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), Service Manager (SM), System Center Orchestrator (SCO), and Data Protection Manager (DPM).

Key Enhancements and Features

In response to the needs of administrators managing diverse infrastructures, Microsoft plans to integrate support for Azure Stack HCI 23H2 clusters within VMM & SCOM 2025. This update will facilitate an improved experience for administrators, particularly in converting VMware VMs to Windows Server via VMM. Security enhancements are central to the System Center 2025 update, with the introduction of Generation 2 virtual machines as the default in VMM, promoting faster and more secure booting processes. Additionally, the suite will incorporate Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.3, providing the latest in encryption technology. DPM 2025 will advance its security features by supporting the storage of passphrases in Azure Key Vault, enhancing data protection capabilities.

Strategic Adjustments and Preview Opportunities

As Microsoft phases out Azure Profiles and the System Center Service Provider Foundation (SPF) in favor of Arc-enabled VMM, the shift reflects a broader strategy to streamline and consolidate management tools under a unified platform. Although the official launch is months away, Microsoft is offering administrators a glimpse into the future with a private preview of the new VMM and DPM versions. This move underscores Microsoft's commitment to engaging with its user base and refining its offerings based on feedback and real-world application.

As IT environments become more complex, System Center 2025 represents Microsoft's commitment to delivering robust, secure, and versatile management tools. By aligning with the latest server technologies and enhancing cloud integration, System Center 2025 aims to provide administrators with a comprehensive toolkit for efficiently and securely managing modern infrastructure.

Luke Jones
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