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Perplexity Partners with SoundHound to Enhance Voice AI Capabilities

The integration will allow SoundHound's Chat AI to process and respond to time-sensitive queries with enhanced accuracy.


Perplexity has formed a strategic alliance with SoundHound, a provider of voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technology. The partnership will integrate Perplexity's advanced large language models (LLMs) into SoundHound's Chat AI voice assistant “Hound”, aiming to improve its ability to handle complex queries and enhance user interactions.

SoundHound specializes in voice AI technologies for the automotive, TV, and IoT sectors. Perplexity AI, established in 2022 by alumni from , Meta, and other tech giants, aims to provide real-time, credible information through its engine.

Collaborative Efforts to Enhance Technology

At the heart of the collaboration is enhancing SoundHound's Chat AI with Perplexity's online LLMs. This integration will enable the voice assistant to access real-time web information, delivering more comprehensive and accurate responses. SoundHound, known for its effective solutions, will now incorporate Perplexity's technology to improve the precision of voice assistant responses.

Advancing Voice AI Functions

The integration is set to improve the capabilities of , enabling SoundHound's Chat AI to process and respond to time-sensitive queries with greater accuracy. This enhancement should lead to more precise responses to queries about dynamic data such as gas prices or flight statuses, significantly improving daily voice assistant functionality.

SoundHound stated that this partnership would position its AI product as the most advanced voice assistant on the market. The SoundHound Chat AI assistant will provide more accurate responses to web-based queries, which were previously challenging for static LLMs. This enhancement is expected to broaden the range of questions the assistant can handle, significantly improving the user experience.

The partnership also marks Perplexity's strategic move to expand its presence in the global voice AI market. Before this collaboration, Perplexity had partnerships with various tech firms and telecom giants, strengthening its market position. This alliance places SoundHound and Perplexity in a favorable position against competitors like Google Assistant and Alexa, as these firms also move towards incorporating into their offerings.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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