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TikTok Adopts C2PA Content Credentials to Label AI-Generated Media

TikTok partners with C2PA to label AI-generated content, becoming the first video platform to use their tech.


has partnered with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) to introduce a new feature that enhances transparency on its platform. This collaboration positions TikTok as the first video-sharing platform to adopt C2PA's Content Credentials technology. This feature will automatically label AI-generated content (AIGC) when uploaded from certain platforms, reflecting TikTok's broader strategy to tackle the challenges posed by and misinformation online.

Understanding Content Credentials

Developed by C2PA—a consortium that includes major industry players such as Arm, BBC, Intel, , Truepic, and —the Content Credentials technology embeds metadata into content. This metadata includes information about the creator, the creation date, any modifications made, and the involvement of AI in the content's production. Adobe's chief trust officer, Dana Rao, told ABC News this as a “nutrition label for content,” providing users with a clear view of the media they consume.

The Broader Context and Future Plans

The move comes amid growing concerns over the ability of deepfakes to mislead the public, ranging from impersonating job applicants to influencing political elections. The recent incident involving AI-generated images of celebrities at the Met Gala highlighted the sophistication of current AI technologies in creating realistic but fake content. TikTok's decision to label AI-generated content, including plans to extend this labelling to audio-only content, represents a proactive step in safeguarding digital authenticity.

Furthermore, TikTok's existing policy requires creators to label realistic AI-generated content created in-app, although the effectiveness of this policy remains under scrutiny. The introduction of Content Credentials is expected to bolster these efforts by providing a more systematic and reliable method of identifying AI-generated content.

As the digital environment evolves, distinguishing between real and AI-generated content becomes increasingly challenging. TikTok's implementation of Content Credentials technology marks an important step in combating misinformation and the spread of deepfakes. By collaborating with C2PA and setting an example for other platforms, TikTok is helping to develop standards and practices that enhance transparency and authenticity in the digital space.

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