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Copilot for Security to Incorporate Azure Web Application Firewall and Azure Firewall

Microsoft is upgrading Copilot for Security with Azure WAF and Firewall to fight cyber threats better.


has announced the integration of Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Azure Firewall into its AI-driven platform, Copilot for Security. This move aims to bolster by utilizing over 78 trillion security signals processed by Copilot for Security. The integration, set for a public preview on May 21, 2024, combines AI capabilities with human expertise to provide rapid insights and enhance the efficiency of cybersecurity professionals in addressing threats.

Advanced Cybersecurity Technologies

The inclusion of Azure WAF and Azure Firewall into Copilot for Security marks a major step in enhancing cybersecurity defenses. Azure WAF protects web applications and APIs from various attacks, featuring default rule sets, threat intelligence from Microsoft, and automatic updates for zero-day vulnerabilities. Azure Firewall contributes by analyzing signals from diverse sources, processing data packets, and generating logs to detect and mitigate threats. This integration is designed to automate responses to routine threats, freeing up cybersecurity professionals to concentrate on more complex issues.Azure-WAF-Final-Copilot-for-Security

Operational Efficiency and Skill Advancement through AI

Copilot for Security is set to improve the operational efficiency of Azure services by synthesizing and summarizing data from Azure WAF's detections, including terabytes of log data. It enables experts to quickly investigate malicious IP addresses, SQL injections (SQLi), and Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. Furthermore, the AI assistant enhances the efficiency of Azure Firewall by gathering detailed information on threats, including IP locations and vulnerability details. This integration not only accelerates the work of cybersecurity experts but also allows lower-tier specialists to elevate their skills by tackling problems typically reserved for higher-tier experts.

The upcoming integration of Azure WAF and Firewall into Copilot for Security highlights Microsoft's ongoing efforts to enhance cybersecurity defenses through AI technology. Copilot for Security is Microsoft's new AI-driven security suite that was launched last month. The service, which leverages artificial intelligence to assist users in identifying and rectifying computing security vulnerabilities, was initially announced by Microsoft in March 2023.

Microsoft beefed up Copilot for Security by integrating its Defender Threat Intelligence at no extra charge. This grants users a treasure trove of information, including intelligence profiles, insightful articles, and a dedicated analyst workbench, significantly strengthening the service's cybersecurity defense capabilities.

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