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AT&T Takes Action Against Microsoft 365 Emails Amid Spam Concerns

AT&T is blocking emails from Microsoft 365 (and possibly Gmail) due to a spam surge. This protects users but disrupts communication.


has started blocking emails from due to a surge in spam originating from 's email service. This action affects AT&T domains such as @att.com, @sbcglobal.net, and @bellsouth.net, where emails from Microsoft 365 addresses are being rejected. The blockage is a response to protect AT&T customers from potential fraud and maintain the integrity of their email communications.

Customer Feedback and Company Acknowledgment

Many AT&T customers have voiced their concerns on the company's forums, with some threads receiving hundreds of responses. Users are particularly frustrated with their inability to send emails to AT&T AT&T – a long-time partner of Microsoft – addresses not only from Microsoft 365 but also, reportedly, from accounts. However, the issues with Gmail have not been confirmed. An AT&T representative has confirmed the email disruptions and stated that the company is working closely with Microsoft to address the spam issues and enhance email security.

Industry-Wide Responses to Email Security Threats

In light of the increasing spam and phishing attacks, Microsoft has announced a new policy to set a daily limit of 2,000 external recipients for bulk emails sent via Exchange Online, effective January 2025. has also updated its policies, implementing stricter spam thresholds and authentication requirements for bulk email senders starting April 1st. These steps are part of broader efforts by email service providers to fortify defenses against malicious activities and ensure safer email communication for all users.

The ongoing issues highlight the continuous struggle against spam and underscore the need for cooperation between email service providers to keep communication channels secure and reliable. As the industry addresses these challenges, users are encouraged to remain patient and cooperative. Microsoft and AT&T are already long-standing partners, mostly focused on 5G technology and cloud expansion.


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