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Microsoft Word for Windows Updates Paste Functionality to Enhance Document Editing

Microsoft updates Word's default paste option to "Merge Formatting" for easier document editing, prioritizing user feedback and streamlining content integration.


has updated the default paste options in Word for Windows, responding to user feedback. Ali Forelli, a Product Manager on the Word team, discussed the update on the official blog, noting the company's focus on improving user productivity and satisfaction. The new default setting, “Merge Formatting,” replaces the previous “Keep Source Formatting” option, designed to simplify the document editing process. This change is now available to Microsoft 365 Insiders with Version 2405 (Build 17624.15020) or later.

Details of the Update and Its Benefits

The update addresses the frequent need among Word users to paste content into documents, a task that often required additional steps to adjust formatting. The former default, “Keep Source Formatting,” maintained the original style of copied content, which could disrupt the flow of the existing document. The “Merge Formatting” setting resolves this by adjusting the pasted content to align with the formatting of the surrounding text, reducing the need for manual corrections.

Exploring Paste Options in Microsoft Word

Word provides various paste options to suit different needs:

  • Original Web Content: Maintains web-specific elements like bold text, shading, lists, and links.
  • Keep Source Formatting: Preserves all original formatting and layout properties.
  • Merge Formatting: The new default setting that keeps essential formatting but adapts to the destination document's style.
  • Keep Text Only: Removes all formatting, applying the destination document's style to the text.

Users who prefer the old default can switch back to “Keep Source Formatting” via File > Options > Advanced > Cut, copy, and paste > Pasting from other programs in Word. By facilitating easier integration of content from various sources into Word documents, Microsoft aims to boost productivity and user satisfaction.

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