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Windows 11 Task Manager to Reflect More Accurate Memory Speeds with MT/s Metric

Windows 11 tests showing memory speed in MT/s (actual transfers) for better accuracy than MHz (cycles).


has initiated the testing phase of displaying memory speeds in mega-transfers per second (MT/s) rather than the traditional megahertz (MHz) in the 's performance tab of . This change aims to provide a more accurate representation of memory performance, reflecting the advancements in DDR memory technology that enable higher data transfer rates without a corresponding increase in clock speed.

The Shift to a More Accurate Measurement

Traditionally, memory speeds have been quantified in MHz, indicating the millions of cycles a memory module can perform in a second. However, with the evolution of DDR (Double Data Rate) memory, this metric has become less indicative of actual performance. DDR memory can execute two data transfers per clock cycle, meaning the real data transfer rate is higher than what the MHz value suggests. The adoption of MT/s, which stands for mega-transfers per second, offers a direct count of the millions of data transfers a memory module can handle in a second, providing a clearer picture of its capabilities.

Microsoft's Implementation in Windows 11

The introduction of MT/s in the Windows 11 Task Manager was first detected by PhantomOcean3 in the Beta build 22635.3570. Microsoft is currently evaluating this feature, which remains concealed within Windows 11 Beta preview builds. For enthusiasts eager to preview this feature, it can be activated using ViVeTool with specific instructions provided for downloading and running the tool.

However, Microsoft cautions against enabling this feature on devices used for production due to potential instability. While the MT/s feature enriches the Task Manager with a more precise measurement of memory performance, its permanence in stable releases of Windows 11 is yet to be confirmed.

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