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Microsoft Purview Introduces AI Hub for Enhanced Data Governance and Security

Microsoft upgrades data governance platform (Purview) to focus on AI security and compliance. A new AI Hub helps identify risks.


has unveiled enhancements to its data governance platform, Microsoft Purview, aimed at helping organizations manage the security and compliance of their AI-related data more effectively. Among these enhancements, the introduction of the AI Hub stands out as a cornerstone update designed to provide organizations with comprehensive insights into the utilization of AI applications, including Copilot for Microsoft 365 and third-party AI apps, within their networks.

Key Features and Capabilities

The Microsoft Purview AI Hub, now available in public preview, is engineered to assist organizations in identifying and prioritizing critical data risks, thereby enabling the implementation of robust data protection measures. According to Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president of , Compliance, Identity, and Management, the AI Hub offers new insights that assist organizations in identifying unlabeled files referenced by Copilot, highlighting the importance of addressing potential risks associated with oversharing sensitive information.

In addition to the AI Hub, Microsoft Purview has introduced enhancements to information protection for Microsoft Copilot for . These enhancements leverage existing controls and sensitivity labels, ensuring that sensitive data is protected throughout its lifecycle with capabilities and sensitivity label inheritance.

Governance, Compliance, and eDiscovery Enhancements

On the governance front, Microsoft Purview now allows enterprises to record Copilot interactions through Microsoft Purview Audit and set up data lifecycle management policies for the retention or deletion of Copilot prompts and responses. Furthermore, Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance can detect risky Copilot prompts and responses, such as those involving unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information, with these insights being made available in the AI Hub for enhanced visibility.

The platform's eDiscovery capabilities have also been strengthened, streamlining the preservation and collection of relevant Copilot data to bolster organizations' legal response capabilities. This enhancement is crucial for organizations looking to respond effectively to legal challenges and investigations.

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