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Microsoft Edge 125 Beta Introduces Advanced RAM Management Features

Microsoft Edge Beta 125 offers new RAM management features. Users can set memory limits and monitor usage


has recently introduced a series of new features in the Microsoft Edge 125 Beta version, focusing on advanced RAM management and performance optimization. The update, which is now available on supported platforms, includes innovative tools that allow users to monitor and control the browser's memory usage more effectively.

Customizable RAM Usage Settings

In an effort to provide users with more control over their browser's performance, Microsoft has implemented new resource controls within the Edge 125 Beta. Accessible through the ‘System and Performance' section in the browser's settings, these controls include a toggle for managing the browser's RAM allocation. Upon activation, users can choose between default settings, which limit RAM usage during PC gaming sessions, or opt for continuous RAM management. Additionally, a slider feature enables the setting of specific RAM usage limits for the browser, offering tailored performance optimization.

Microsoft's introduction of these controls responds to user feedback requesting more direct management options for the browser's memory consumption. By allowing users to set precise RAM usage limits, Edge aims to enhance its overall performance and efficiency, particularly for those running multiple applications or with limited system resources.

Sidebar RAM Monitor and Additional Features

Alongside the resource controls, Microsoft has also added a RAM monitor to the Edge Browser Essentials sidebar. This tool provides real-time insights into memory usage, including data on sleeping tabs. The monitor is designed to work in tandem with the new resource controls, offering a comprehensive overview of the browser's RAM consumption.

The blog post announcing these updates highlighted the potential for memory usage to occasionally exceed set limits, noting that Edge endeavors to maintain usage below user-defined thresholds wherever possible. Furthermore, the 125 Beta update introduces several other enhancements, including the automatic discarding of sleeping tabs to conserve resources and the assignment of unique colors to each Workspace, improving navigation and organization within the browser.

Away from the Edge preview, Microsoft is currently rolling out Microsoft Edge 124 to general users. The update introduces a series of important changes, including security enhancements, bug fixes, and the revocation of a previously mistakenly released component. Users can access this latest version by navigating to the browser's settings, ensuring their digital environment remains secure and efficient.

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