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Microsoft and Sanctuary AI Join Forces to Enhance AI-Powered Robots

Microsoft teams up with Sanctuary AI to build smarter humanoid robots. Sanctuary AI's robots will use Microsoft's Azure cloud for faster development


has announced a strategic partnership with Sanctuary AI, a Vancouver-based company specializing in the development of humanoid robots. The , aimed at creating an advanced AI model for general-purpose robots, leverages Microsoft's Azure cloud services to support Sanctuary AI's ambitious projects. Sanctuary AI, known for its Phoenix robots powered by the proprietary Carbon AI control system, will benefit from Azure's capabilities in training, inference, networking, and storage to further their development.

Innovating for the Future

Sanctuary AI's Phoenix robots, now in their seventh generation, represent the cutting edge in robotic technology. These robots, designed to perform complex tasks autonomously, are a testament to the company's innovation in the field since its inception in 2018. The partnership with Microsoft is expected to accelerate the development of these robots, enhancing their ability to reason, plan, and collaborate with humans. Ashley Llorens, Corporate Vice President and Managing Director of Microsoft Research, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the potential for significant advancements in embodied and AI model innovation.


Expanding Microsoft's AI Ecosystem

This partnership with Sanctuary AI is part of Microsoft's broader strategy to invest in and collaborate with companies at the forefront of AI technology. Microsoft remains a significant investor in OpenAI, integrating its GPT text prompt AI model and DALL-E image model into many of its products. Additionally, Microsoft recently entered into a partnership with Mistral AI, a France-based company, allowing Azure AI customers to access Mistral AI's Large Language Models (LLMs) on Microsoft's cloud servers.

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