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Microsoft 365 Enhances Productivity with Copilot AI Updates for April 2024

Microsoft updates Copilot in Office 365 for better email help, document summaries, and data analysis.


has unveiled the latest monthly update for its Copilot for Microsoft 365 service within the productivity subscription service. The April 2024 update introduces a series of enhancements and new features designed to improve user productivity and streamline workflows.

Among the notable additions, Microsoft has announced a forthcoming feature for the Outlook email client, set to launch in May, which will enable to connect to and analyze enterprise data, including chats, documents, meetings, and emails. This functionality aims to provide users with more insightful and contextually relevant assistance by leveraging the vast amounts of data generated within an organization.Copilot-Microsoft-365-Outlook

Enhancements Across Microsoft 365 Applications

The update brings several improvements to existing applications within the suite. Word users will benefit from an enhanced interaction with Copilot, now capable of generating text rewrites and summaries for selected portions of documents. This feature leverages the Microsoft cloud and Microsoft Graph data to provide responses, thereby enhancing document quality and comprehension. Additionally, Excel users can now prompt Copilot to create multiple formula columns from a single text input, significantly simplifying complex data manipulation tasks.

In a move to bolster security, Microsoft has introduced commercial data protection for users accessing the Copilot mobile app on and iOS platforms. This enhancement ensures that sensitive information handled by Copilot remains secure across mobile devices, addressing growing concerns around and protection in the age of AI.

Language Support and Educational Access

The April 2024 update also expands the linguistic capabilities of Copilot for Microsoft 365, adding support for 16 additional languages. This expansion is part of Microsoft's ongoing effort to make its AI services more accessible to a global user base. Furthermore, the company has outlined plans to extend Copilot access to higher education institutions in May, with a private preview available for schools catering to students under 18 years old in the spring of 2024. This initiative reflects Microsoft's commitment to supporting educational environments with advanced AI tools, facilitating a more interactive and efficient learning experience.

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