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DropBox Responds to Security Breach Affecting eSignature Service

DropBox Sign hacked! Emails, usernames, passwords stolen in breach. Update passwords, reset MFA keys, and beware phishing emails.


has announced a security breach within its DropBox Sign eSignature platform, revealing that hackers managed to infiltrate production systems. Detected on April 24, the unauthorized access prompted an immediate investigation by the firm. DropBox Sign, previously known as HelloSign, facilitates the online sending of documents for legally binding signatures. The investigation uncovered that attackers accessed an automated system configuration tool used by DropBox Sign, granting them elevated privileges. This breach allowed the perpetrators to execute applications and services with heightened access, leading to the compromise of a customer database.

Extent of the Data Compromise

The compromised data encompasses a range of sensitive information, including customer emails, usernames, phone numbers, and hashed passwords. Moreover, general account settings and specific authentication details such as API keys, OAuth tokens, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) keys were also accessed. DropBox has assured that there is no evidence suggesting the attackers gained access to customers' documents or agreements. Furthermore, the breach was contained to the DropBox Sign platform, with no indication of other DropBox services being affected.

DropBox's Mitigation Efforts and Recommendations

In response to the breach, DropBox has taken several measures to secure customer accounts and prevent further unauthorized access. The company has reset passwords for all DropBox Sign users, terminated all active sessions on the platform, and imposed restrictions on the use of API keys until customers perform a rotation. DropBox is also advising customers to remove their current MFA configurations and set up new MFA keys through the DropBox Sign website. To assist customers in navigating these security updates, DropBox is directly contacting those impacted by the incident.

Additionally, the firm warns customers to be vigilant of potential campaigns that may exploit the breached data to solicit sensitive information. Users are cautioned against following links from emails purporting to be from DropBox Sign for password resets, and instead, are encouraged to manually navigate to the DropBox Sign site to change their passwords.

In light of this , DropBox is actively communicating with its customers to ensure they are informed and taking the necessary steps to protect their accounts. The company hopes to mitigate the potential fallout from this cyberattack and restore trust in its eSignature platform.

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