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ChatGPT to Feature Financial Times Content in Strategic Collaboration

Financial Times partners with OpenAI to improve ChatGPT with news articles and develop AI features for FT readers.


has announced a strategic partnership with the Financial Times, aiming to enhance ChatGPT with high-quality journalism. This marks a significant step in integrating reliable news content into artificial intelligence platforms. The partnership will see the incorporation of Financial Times journalism into , providing users with attributed summaries, quotes, and links to full articles for relevant queries. Additionally, the collaboration is set to develop new AI products and features specifically tailored for Financial Times readers.

Benefits and Implications

The partnership is designed to offer mutual benefits. Financial Times employees will leverage ChatGPT Enterprise to harness AI's creativity and productivity enhancements. John Ridding, CEO of FT Group, emphasized the importance of AI platforms compensating publishers for their content. He highlighted the partnership's focus on transparency, attribution, and compensation, which are crucial for the industry. Ridding also pointed out the benefit to users, who will gain access to reliable sources through these AI products.

Future Developments and User Experience

This collaboration could pave the way for ChatGPT to access the latest information through partnerships with trusted publishers, ensuring reliability and compensating content creators. The integration of Financial Times content into ChatGPT is a step towards providing users with up-to-date, credible information directly within their AI interactions. In related news, OpenAI has recently expanded the availability of the Memory feature to all ChatGPT Plus users, with plans to roll out in Europe and Korea soon. This feature enables ChatGPT to retain information across chats, enhancing the user experience.

The collaboration with the FT comes as OpenAI and long-term partner Microsoft are being sued by a collection of eight major newspapers. Eight prominent newspapers owned by hedge fund Alden Global Capital have initiated legal action against  and . The core of the lawsuit is the allegation that OpenAI's ChatGPT and 's AI assistant, Copilot, have been trained on copyrighted news articles without obtaining permission or offering compensation to the publishers.


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