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OpenAI Expands ChatGPT Memory Feature to More Plus Subcribers

OpenAI expands memory feature for paid ChatGPT users, letting it remember past chats for smoother interactions.


has expanded the availability of its Memory feature for ChatGPT Plus users, enhancing the chatbot's ability to recall user preferences and past interactions. Initially launched in February for a select group of free and Plus users, the Memory feature aims to streamline interactions by allowing the chatbot to remember details from previous conversations. This development enables users to avoid repeating information in subsequent chats, thereby improving the overall user experience.

Details and Functionality

The Memory feature's broader rollout comes with specific exclusions, notably for users in Europe and Korea, where regulatory concerns about may influence its availability. OpenAI's description of the Memory functionality suggests that content provided to , including memories, could be utilized to refine their models for a wider audience. Despite these advancements, OpenAI has not provided a reason for excluding certain regions from this update.

The feature has been designed with user feedback in mind, offering notifications when memories are updated and simplifying the process for users to review and delete any unwanted memories. Additionally, users have the option to disable the Memory feature entirely. OpenAI has committed to not using content from ChatGPT Team and Enterprise customers for training purposes, though these customers are expected to gain access to the memory functionality in the future. The company also plans to guide ChatGPT to avoid proactively remembering sensitive information unless explicitly instructed to do so.

Future Plans and Privacy Considerations

OpenAI envisions that future iterations of GPT models will possess their own memory capabilities, which will not be shared across different applications. For instance, if ChatGPT is informed about a user's preference, this information will not be automatically transferred to other GPT-based services, such as an Artful Greeting Card GPT. This approach aims to maintain a level of privacy and customization specific to each application's context.

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