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Microsoft Rolls Out Firmware Updates for Surface Laptop 5 and AMD-Based Surface Laptop 4

Microsoft released April 2024 firmware updates for Surface Laptop 4 and 5, improving audio, USB-C charging, system stability, and security.


has released firmware updates for the Surface Laptop 5 and the AMD-based Surface Laptop 4, aiming to enhance audio performance, USB-C charging functionality, system stability, and security. The updates, detailed in April 2024, mark a significant improvement in both user experience and device security.

Key Updates and Improvements

For the Surface Laptop 5, the firmware update brings several critical enhancements. It addresses potential security vulnerabilities identified in Intel® Security Advisories INTEL-SA-00923 & INTEL-SA-00929, ensuring users are protected against specific exploits. Audio quality receives a notable boost by resolving an issue where applications would crash when using files in Dolby format. Furthermore, the update enhances the audio system's stability and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted playback and recording, thus elevating the user experience to new heights.

The update for the AMD-based Surface Laptop 4, while specifics were not detailed, is expected to follow suit with improvements in system performance and stability. Microsoft's commitment to enhancing user experience across its Surface Laptop range is evident in these comprehensive updates.

Support Lifespan and Future Updates

Microsoft has also announced the support lifespan for these devices. All configurations of the Surface Laptop 4 are set to receive support until April 15, 2027. On the other hand, the Surface Laptop 5 will continue to be updated until October 25, 2028. This extended support period underscores Microsoft's dedication to its customers, ensuring their devices remain secure and performant for years to come.

Microsoft last month introduced the Surface Laptop 6, with a focus on . The newly introduced device is equipped with Intel's latest Core Ultra processors and feature a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to enhance AI-driven functionalities within . This integration aims to improve not only AI-related tasks but also the overall performance and efficiency for everyday use.

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