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Microsoft Edge 124 Update: Addressing the Copilot App Issue on Windows Server

Update your Microsoft Edge browser (version 124.0.2478.67) for security fixes and bug removal. It removes a mistakenly installed component


has unveiled an update for its Microsoft Edge browser, version 124.0.2478.67, available in the Stable Channel. The update introduces a series of important changes, including security enhancements, bug fixes, and the revocation of a previously mistakenly released component. Users can access this latest version by navigating to the browser's settings, ensuring their digital environment remains secure and efficient.

Key Changes and Fixes

A significant action taken in this update is the removal of the “Microsoft chat provider for Copilot in Windows” from Windows Server devices. This component was erroneously installed on some devices through a prior update. Microsoft clarifies that this adjustment currently affects editions, with plans to address the issue on consumer versions of Windows in a forthcoming update.

Furthermore, the update takes a proactive stance on security by introducing warnings for downloads over HTTP. Although the warning feature was inadvertently enabled in Edge 124, Microsoft has since reverted it in this stable release. However, the company plans to officially launch this security measure in Edge 127. The intent is to alert users when they attempt to download potentially dangerous content from HTTP sites, offering them the choice to proceed or cancel the download. Administrators have the option to suppress these warnings for specified HTTP sites using the InsecureContentAllowedForUrls policy.

Another notable addition is the capability for IT administrators to receive email notifications regarding extension requests from users. This feature, part of the management service, aims to keep administrators informed about new pending extension requests, enhancing the management of browser extensions.

Security Vulnerabilities Addressed

The update also includes fixes for three security vulnerabilities identified within the Chromium engine, underscoring Microsoft's commitment to maintaining a secure browsing experience for its users. By addressing these vulnerabilities, the company ensures that users are protected against potential threats that could compromise their information or the integrity of their devices.

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