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Microsoft Expands Windows 11 File Compression Options, Adding 7Z and TAR

Windows 11 can now open TAR, 7Z, and RAR files without extra software. The upcoming 24H2 update will let you compress files to 7Z and TAR


has expanded the capabilities of , incorporating support for additional archive types such as TAR, 7Z, and RAR directly within the operating system. This development eliminates the necessity for third-party applications for handling these file types. In a significant update, the forthcoming Windows 11 version 24H2 is set to introduce functionalities that allow users to compress files into 7Z and TAR formats, offering options to specify the compression ratio among other advanced features.

Immediate Availability in Beta Builds

Before the official release of Windows 11 version 24H2, users of Windows 11 versions 22H2 and 23H2 will receive early access to the improved archive support. A recent discovery in the latest Windows 11 Beta build by PhantomOfEarth reveals a feature ID that activates TAR and 7Z compression within . With this feature enabled, users can compress a selection of files by right-clicking, choosing “Compress to,” and then selecting the desired format. For those seeking more control over the compression process, a “More options” selection opens a wizard that provides additional settings, including the method and level of compression.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce these enhancements for the Beta Channel or Stable releases. Nonetheless, the pattern of rapid transition from Beta to Stable observed with other features, such as Start menu ads and new lock screen widgets, suggests that users might not have to wait long to access these new capabilities.

Additional Updates and How to Enable New Features

The recent Beta builds not only introduce improved archive support but also bring refinements to the File Explorer address bar and the reintroduction of the “Show desktop” button in the notification area. Additionally, new Start menu ads have been spotted in these builds. For users eager to experiment with the new archive features, they are accessible on PCs running Windows 11 build 22635.3566. Activation requires the use of the ViVeTool app, a utility designed for enabling experimental features within Windows.

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