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Apple in Talks with OpenAI and Google to Power iOS 18 AI Capabilities

Apple is planning to add AI features to iOS 18, possibly using technology from OpenAI or Google.


has initiated discussions with leading AI companies, including and potentially , aiming to incorporate technology into its forthcoming iOS 18 operating system. With the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) slated for June 2024, Apple is expected to unveil these AI-driven enhancements, marking a significant step forward in the evolution of iPhone capabilities. The Cupertino-based tech giant's primary objective is to integrate these AI features seamlessly into its devices, ensuring they align with the company's longstanding commitment to robust privacy protections.

Enhancing User Experience with AI

The integration of AI technology into iOS 18 is designed to enrich the user experience significantly. Apple's approach involves leveraging its on-device neural engine and a large language model to facilitate the operation of these features directly on the iPhone, eliminating the need for cloud processing. This method not only enhances privacy but also ensures that the AI features are responsive and integrated seamlessly into the user interface. Among the anticipated features are chatbot-like capabilities, which could revolutionize how users interact with their devices, making information retrieval and task execution more intuitive and efficient.

Privacy and Partnership Considerations

In line with Apple's ethos, privacy remains at the forefront of its strategy. The company's CEO, Tim Cook, has acknowledged using OpenAI's ChatGPT while highlighting the importance of addressing specific concerns related to AI technology. Apple's decision to collaborate with external AI providers, rather than developing its own generative AI technology from scratch, reflects a strategic move to mitigate risks and accelerate the deployment of these features. However, the final decision on partnerships has not been made, and Apple may still opt for a different provider to ensure the best alignment with its privacy and quality standards.

We have previously written how Apple is looking to tap Google's Gemini for iPhone. An Apple-Google AI deal could supercharge iPhone search with AI like Google's Gemini. This would deepen their existing search partnership and give Apple a head start in mobile AI. Apple talking to other AI firms like OpenAI suggests they might partner with multiple companies, not just Google.

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