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Baidu’s AI Chatbot “Ernie Bot” Surpasses 200 Million Users Milestone

Baidu's AI chatbot "Ernie Bot" hits 200 million users in 8 months, a strong showing in China's competitive AI market.


Baidu has announced that its artificial intelligence chatbot, “Ernie Bot,” has now attracted over 200 million users, marking a significant milestone in its quest to dominate China's AI chatbot market. This achievement comes just eight months after the chatbot's public release, indicating a rapid adoption rate among users. The company's CEO, Robin Li, revealed these figures during a conference in Shenzhen, highlighting the chatbot's widespread acceptance and use.

Technological Advancements and Enterprise Adoption

“Ernie Bot” is not only popular among individual users but has also seen substantial adoption in the enterprise sector. With its application programming interface (API) being utilized 200 million times daily, the chatbot is proving to be a valuable tool for businesses. Currently, 85,000 enterprise clients are leveraging “Ernie Bot” for various tasks, demonstrating its versatility and effectiveness in professional settings. This widespread use has also begun to generate significant revenue for , particularly in enhancing ad services and assisting companies in developing their own AI models.

Competitive Landscape and Global Context

Despite its success, “Ernie Bot” faces stiff competition within , particularly from “Kimi,” a chatbot developed by the Alibaba-backed startup Moonshot AI. Recent data indicates that “Kimi” is quickly gaining ground, with a significant increase in user visits. However, “Ernie Bot” maintains a lead, showcasing the competitive nature of China's AI market. On a global scale, Chinese services, including “Ernie Bot,” are still trailing behind Western counterparts like OpenAI's ChatGPT, which continues to lead with a substantial margin in terms of user engagement.

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