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Microsoft Announces Establishment of AI Hub in London, Led by AI Veterans

Microsoft is opening an AI hub in London to develop cutting-edge language models and AI tools.


has recently unveiled the establishment of a new AI division, under the leadership of Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind and Inflection. In a strategic move to bolster its AI capabilities, Microsoft has announced the creation of an AI Hub in London. The hub aims to advance the development of state-of-the-art language models and their supporting infrastructure. It also seeks to create world-class tooling for foundation models in collaboration with Microsoft's AI teams globally and partners, including .

London as a Hub for AI Talent

The new AI Hub, Microsoft AI London, will be situated in the company's Paddington office and led by Jordan Hoffman, another notable figure from Inflection and DeepMind. Microsoft has recognized the UK's vast pool of AI talent and is committed to long-term investments in the region. The hub is set to post job openings soon, aiming to attract AI scientists and engineers to contribute to Microsoft's growing influence in the AI market. The company emphasizes its desire for team members who are passionate about making a significant impact and are committed to continuous learning.

Commitment to the UK's AI Ecosystem

Mustafa Suleyman expressed his pride in contributing to the UK's AI ecosystem, highlighting the country's commitment to advancing AI responsibly and with a safety-first approach, “This is great news for Microsoft AI and for the U.K. As a British citizen, born and raised in London, I'm proud to have co-founded and built a cutting-edge AI business here.” 

The decision to open the hub in the UK reflects Microsoft's ambition to drive investment, innovation, and economic growth in the AI sector. Microsoft AI London hub is expected to significantly enhance the company's presence in the UK, building on its recently announced £2.5 billion investment in the country's workforce. Furthermore, Microsoft plans to contribute to the development of the UK's AI economy by bringing 20,000 of the most advanced GPUs by 2026, showcasing its commitment to fostering innovation and talent in the AI field.

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