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Windows 11 24H2 Unveils Major Updates including Copilot Enhancements and Unified Microsoft Teams App

Windows 11 24H2 arrives this fall with a focus on AI-powered Copilot features and a revamped Teams app.


has announced the upcoming release of Windows 11 24H2, slated for deployment on existing devices this fall. The update is poised to introduce a host of new features, with significant enhancements centered around functionalities and a major overhaul of , enabling users to manage both work and personal accounts through a single application.

Copilot Integration and New Capabilities

In the forthcoming Windows 11 24H2 update, Copilot takes center stage with expanded capabilities, allowing users to interact with and control a broader array of settings directly through the AI interface. Users can now activate accessibility features like Narrator or Live Captions, manage system storage, identify wireless networks, and adjust a variety of settings ranging from Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb modes to taking screenshots and launching applications. Furthermore, Microsoft introduces a plugin for Power Automate within Copilot, facilitating low-code automation tasks such as email dispatch, file management, and data organization in Excel, enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows.

Voice Clarity Moves from Surface to Windows

The update extends the Voice Clarity feature, previously exclusive to Surface devices, across all PCs, leveraging AI to refine audio quality by eliminating background noise and echo for clearer communication. This feature is automatically enabled for applications utilizing Communications Signal Processing Mode, including Phone Link and WhatsApp, without the need for additional hardware. 

This new feature lets developers add a switch to their apps. Users can choose between AI models optimized for voice calls (which automatically remove background noise) and models designed for general audio, like music and movies (where noise suppression might not be desired). This flexibility ensures Voice Clarity adapts to different listening needs, guaranteeing clear voice during meetings and a richer overall audio experience.

Sudo for Windows

Additionally, “Sudo for Windows” emerges as a notable addition, allowing users to execute elevated commands directly from a standard console session, thereby enhancing the developer experience by aligning it more closely with the functionalities available on other .

's Sudo command replicates a familiar Unix function for developers, allowing process privilege elevation from the command line without switching users. Users can activate it via Settings > System > For Developers, choosing from three modes: a separate window, input-disabled current window, or inline execution with confirmation. While convenient, enabling Sudo introduces security risks that vary by mode. Microsoft recommends reviewing their official documentation ([link to Microsoft documentation on Sudo command]) before activation. User feedback can be submitted through the Feedback Hub under “Developer platform > Command line.”

Revamped Microsoft Teams Experience


A significant overhaul of Microsoft Teams introduces a unified application that supports cross-platform functionality, simplifying the transition between different clouds, tenants, and account types. This preview phase showcases a new Teams app that surpasses traditional web wrappers by employing a combination of React and Edge WebView technologies. The update promises an improved user experience, facilitating easy account switching and offering enhanced notifications, alongside the capability to operate personal and work accounts concurrently with distinct taskbar icons.

File Explorer Improvements

Sticking with the familiar design from version 23H2, Windows 11's gains functionality in this update. Users can now create compressed archives in formats like 7Z and TAR, alongside the existing opening capabilities. A new dialog lets you choose the archive type, compression method, and desired settings for maximum control. Additionally, the context menu now features labeled buttons instead of just icons, making frequently used options easier to identify.

New Energy Save Mode

In a move towards greater sustainability, Microsoft is expanding its power-saving features with Windows 11 version 24H2. A new “Energy Saver” mode joins the existing “Battery Saver” option. While Battery Saver was previously limited to laptops, Energy Saver extends these power-saving capabilities to desktops as well. This allows users on both machines to prioritize lower power consumption, even if it means sacrificing some overall performance. This can potentially lead to reduced electricity bills and a smaller carbon footprint, aligning with Microsoft's focus on environmental responsibility.

Additionally, this update streamlines access to power settings. Previously, users had to navigate to the Control Panel to adjust lid and power button behavior. With version 23H2, these settings are conveniently integrated directly within the Settings app, providing a more user-friendly experience.

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