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Microsoft Entra Enhances Security with New Recommendations and Secure Score Improvements

Microsoft bolsters Entra platform with improved security for businesses. Expanded Entra Recommendations guide IT departments


has announced the introduction of new developments within its Entra platform, aimed at bolstering the security and safety of enterprise digital identities and access management. The updates include an expansion of Entra Recommendations and improvements to the Identity Secure Score, reflecting Microsoft's commitment to providing robust security solutions for businesses.

Entra Recommendations: A Closer Look

Entra Recommendations, a feature designed to assist IT departments in maintaining security by providing daily actionable insights, has been expanded with new additions. These recommendations now cover a broader range of security concerns, including the migration of applications and service principals from Azure AD Graph to Microsoft Graph. Azure AD Graph, having been declared deprecated in 2020, is in its retention cycle, and the new recommendations aim to facilitate a smooth transition to Microsoft Graph, ensuring continued access to Microsoft's cloud services without interruption.

Furthermore, the update introduces specific recommendations related to enhancing tenant protection against insider risks. A notable addition is the advice to implement Conditional Access policies that restrict access for high-risk internal users, a measure critical for the proactive mitigation of insider threats and the protection of sensitive data.Entra-ID-Microsoft-Identity-Secure-Score

Identity Secure Score Improvements

In addition to the new recommendations, Microsoft has made significant enhancements to the Identity Secure Score within Entra. This feature provides organizations with a percentage score reflecting how well their security posture aligns with Microsoft's recommendations. A new Secure Score recommendation, now available in public preview, emphasizes the importance of safeguarding tenants with Insider Risk policies. This addition underscores Microsoft's focus on enabling organizations to identify and mitigate potential internal security risks effectively.

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve security monitoring and management, Microsoft has also revealed plans to introduce email notifications for Entra Recommendations. This future update will enable IT departments to stay informed about new recommendations, further streamlining the process of maintaining optimal security practices.

In summary, Microsoft's latest updates to the Entra platform represent a significant step forward in the company's efforts to enhance enterprise security. By expanding Entra Recommendations and improving the Identity Secure Score, Microsoft provides businesses with the tools they need to proactively manage digital identities and access, ensuring a secure and resilient digital environment.

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