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Microsoft Fabric Enhances Security and AI Capabilities, Expands Openness

Microsoft improved security and AI features in its Fabric platform. It now integrates with Purview for better data governance and offers Copilot to simplify data exploration with AI.


has announced a series of updates to its Microsoft Fabric platform, aiming to bolster security measures, enhance AI capabilities, and extend its openness through third-party data integrations. The announcements were made during the inaugural Microsoft Fabric Community Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. , part of the company's Intelligent Data Platform, now integrates more closely with Microsoft Purview, its data governance solution, to offer improved data security and governance features.

Data Security and Governance

The integration with Microsoft Purview is a significant update, introducing capabilities designed to streamline data security and governance across the Fabric platform. One of the key features soon to be available will allow administrators to automatically enforce access permissions for sensitive information within Fabric. Furthermore, Fabric is set to extend Purview's data loss prevention capabilities to its Lakehouses, enhancing the security framework for data storage and processing. An upcoming feature will also enable Fabric to leverage Purview's Insider Risk Management capability, offering a more robust security posture against internal threats.

AI-Powered Features and Third-Party Integrations

In addition to security enhancements, Microsoft Fabric is expanding its AI functionalities with the Copilot in Fabric product, currently in preview. This AI-powered feature aims to simplify data interactions, allowing users to explore data sources using natural queries and build semantic models with DAX queries more efficiently. The platform is also broadening its ecosystem through third-party data integrations, enabled by OneLake, Fabric's data lake solution. New integrations include support for data stored in Cloud and compatibility with Amazon Web Services S3 service, among others. An external data-sharing feature is under development, promising secure data sharing capabilities with external users.

Microsoft's commitment to making Fabric more secure, open, and intelligent reflects the company's broader strategy to empower businesses with comprehensive data and . These updates not only enhance the platform's security and governance capabilities but also its AI functionalities and openness through third-party integrations, positioning Microsoft Fabric as a versatile and powerful tool for modern data management and analysis.

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