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Microsoft Expands Priva Portfolio with New Privacy Management Solutions

Microsoft added new data privacy tools to its Priva product. These tools help businesses comply with regulations


Microsoft has expanded its Priva product portfolio, introducing a suite of new solutions aimed at assisting organizations in navigating the complexities of data privacy management. The expansion includes Privacy Risk Management, Subject Rights Requests for data within Microsoft 365, Consent Management, Privacy Assessments, and Tracker Scanning. These tools are designed to help organizations establish and manage privacy protocols across their entire data estates, ensuring compliance with various regulations and minimizing privacy-related risks.

Microsoft Priva is a set of tools designed to streamline data privacy management for organizations. It tackles various aspects of user data privacy, from identifying and mitigating risks associated with handling personal information to ensuring compliance with regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Priva offers features like Privacy Risk Management to assess potential issues and Consent Management to handle user permissions for data collection.

A Closer Look at the New Solutions

The new additions to the Microsoft Priva portfolio are tailored to address specific privacy management needs. Privacy Assessments enable organizations to evaluate and manage privacy risks associated with their data handling practices. Privacy Risk Management focuses on identifying and mitigating potential privacy risks, helping organizations to stay compliant with evolving regulations. Tracker Scanning offers insights into how third-party trackers are collecting and using data across a company’s digital properties, enhancing transparency and control over data collection practices.

Consent Management facilitates the management of user consents, ensuring that data is collected and used in accordance with user preferences and legal requirements. Subject Rights Requests simplifies the process of handling requests from individuals seeking to access, modify, or delete their personal data, as mandated by various privacy laws.

Integration and Accessibility

These new solutions integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager, providing organizations with data protection and privacy assessment templates that align with compliance regulations and industry standards. Microsoft has also introduced the Priva Portal, currently in preview, which allows IT administrators to explore and utilize the new solutions. Meanwhile, users can still access these features through the classic Microsoft Purview compliance portal.

Microsoft Purview is available as an add-on for eligible Microsoft 365 customers. Microsoft is offering a free trial for customers to experience Priva Subject Rights Requests for 90 days or up to 50 subject rights requests, whichever limit is reached first. Beyond the trial, individual requests will be priced at $199.80 per request if not included as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription.

With these new tools, Microsoft aims to simplify the complex landscape of data privacy management for organizations, ensuring that they can meet regulatory requirements and protect user privacy effectively.

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